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Mike Vick: Colin Kaepernick comments were not said in malice
After saying yesterday that Colin Kaepernick’s play, not his protest, is the reason he’s unemployed, Michael Vick had more to say today, although he didn’t quite clear up anything he said. Vick posted a short statement on Twitter, not exactly backing.

What We Liked And Didn't Like About The New Season Of BoJack Horseman
Gita: Todd’s asexuality was brought up at the end of last season, and I was happy that we got back into it in a non-special episode-y way. He doesn’t come out as asexual and have it all figured out. At the start of the season, he’s not even sure if.

Many Jefferson County employers have yet to file occupational tax data needed to calculate refunds (with list)
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- More than 60 percent of Jefferson County businesses have not provided the data needed to calculate worker refunds for Jefferson County occupational taxes in 2009, a list posted online today by a special master shows. The special.

The Post-Harvey Mosquito Invasion Seems Like Hell
Plenty of people have described Hurricane Harvey as a disaster of biblical proportions, and it seems the next plague is upon us. It’s not locusts. Thanks to untold quantities of filthy standing water, millions of mosquitos are starting to hatch. And yes.

Out In SA - Fall, 2016
H I L LA RYC L I N TO N #I M W I T H H E R #M A DA M E P R E S I D E N T B E P R E PA R E D TO L E AV E T H E C O U N T RY. G I V E M E A CA L L A N D I W I L L G E T YO U R H O M E S O L D! President Donald Trump? Home to seventeen world-class.

Terry, can you post that blademeat recipe for us lost locals? And Mr.Howard, what can I say. Life's short, Chill. GO PATS!
I would like this Guestbook to allow me to extend my deepest sympathies to Tom, Bob, Bev and Doreen Shuannesy on the passing of their wife and-or mother. I grew up within shouting distance from the family in N.A. and Bob was co-captain of the N.A. football.

FIFA Executive Chuck Blazer Has Died
Chuck Blazer, an influential and controversial figure in the history of American soccer, has died, as first reported by Jack Bell and confirmed by Andrew Das of the New York Times. He was 72. Blazer was CONCACAF’s General Secretary from 1990 to 2011.

How to Keep Your Social Media Creeping Private
You probably think you know how to keep your internet habits secret. “Clearing browser history is too obvious,” you say. “I just do all my sketchy stuff in an incognito window!” Okay, hot stuff, then let me ask you this: You ever search anything.

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During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Hillary Clinton said that she does not give absolution to those who now regret not voting during the 2016 presidential election.

Australia must never forget its shameful past
When Australia looks back on its recent past, it must not gloss over its horrific treatment of asylum seekers and the way in which a once great country became consumed by greed and cruelty, writes Julian Burnside. Twenty years from now, a recent history of.