Hills Science Diet Large Breed Puppy Feeding Guide


Tackling the canine obesity crisis
When it comes to man's best friend, science ... dog-owners as begging or scavenging for food. In the past, the onus has been on owners to restrict the diet of their pets to prevent excessive weight gain. But Dr Raffan's research suggests the propensity for.

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds: The Ultimate Food Guide
German Shepherds are large breed of dogs known for their wolf-like features. They are lovely dogs with tan or black coat. They are very loyal to their owners making them great pet dogs. They are also a favorite of law enforces because they can easily be.

House member makes another run at 'puppy mill' regulations
Jason Saine, R-Lincoln, has led a bipartisan group of House members to pass legislation seeking basic regulation of large commercial dog-breeding ... The bill would require the owners of 10 or more female dogs who breed puppies for sale to meet basic.

What should I feed my dog?
To help dog lovers navigate the food aisle, Dr. Jennifer Coates, a Colorado-based veterinarian and pet nutrition blogger with PetMD.com, worked with Hill's Science Diet pet food company to create an interactive nutrition guide called "MyBowl." Like the.

'In Defense of Food' Author Offers Advice For Health
He says his advice about how to limit consumption is based less on science, which he says "has failed us when it comes to food, by and large," and more ... 1977 and 1982 dietary guidelines as animal scientists figured out how to breed leaner pigs and.

26 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Carton of Eggs
So, if you’re curious to see what exactly omega-3-enriched eggs really are or why brown eggs always cost more (and if they’re better for you), we’ve compiled the ultimate guide ... vegetarian feed to supplement their pasture-foraged diet.

The Truth About Cats, Dogs and Executives
He joined Procter & Gamble right after he received his Bachelor of Science degree ... and other dogs. His father, however, had a soft spot for Kerry blues, which have boundless energy and little desire for daytime naps. The breed drove his mother crazy.

'World's fattest dachshund' dog loses 3 stone after giving up burgers and pizza
I wasn't even sure what breed of dog he was supposed to be because he was so large." Burton put him on diet of dry dog food ... says Dennis' story is a good lesson for pet owners who might feed their animals too much. "We have an expression: food is.

Top 8 medium-sized dog breeds
Virginia Chavez-Nelson is an avid contributor of words for the greater good (see: writer) and a fun-loving Phoenician by way of Argentina. With a degree in Journalism from Arizona State University, Virginia has more than 10 years of expe.

Which breed of dog is right for your family? The ruff guide to picking a perfect puppy
Choosing the perfect dog to suit your lifestyle has never been easy. Now former Springwatch presenter Kate Humble, 47, has warned many make an impulsive choice without thinking hard enough about the breed. More than 700,000 puppies of at least 200 breeds.