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The New Season of Art: Listings for the Fall Season and Beyond
SOULFUL CREATURES: ANIMAL MUMMIES IN ANCIENT EGYPT The Egyptians mummified tens of millions of dogs, monkeys, ibises and other animals ... reprise of last year’s show at the Kunsthalle Wien. Sept. 13–Dec. 23, Institute of Contemporary Art at the.

Love hot dogs? Surprising frankfurter facts
“Limiting the hot dog’s significance by saying it’s ‘just a sandwich’ category is like calling the Dalai Lama ‘just a guy,’" stated NHDSC president Janet Rikey, aka the “Queen of Wien.” The USDA’s guidelines, however, seem to suggest.

Richard Frank
Respected Native leader and elder, Richard Frank, 85 ... a time when dog teams were the primary means of transportation; a time when he hunted to feed the family and the entire community. This early training set the path and philosophy that Richard.

Will we ever live on the Moon?
When will we live on the Moon? It’s a fair question. Newt Gingrich’s assininery notwithstanding, it’s worth considering carefully. While I’m pretty sure that at some future date we will have a permanent human colony on the Moon — perhaps even a.

Fundraiser will help buy safety vests for law enforcement K9s
In addition, working dogs from Eielson Air Force Base will be there to provide special demonstrations. Guys/Gals Read It only takes half an hour of training and perhaps another ... 16 at the Noel Wien Public Library's study rooms. The award-winning.

How to Take Your Dog on Public Transportation Safely
Not everyone who owns a dog has a car—or access to ride-sharing—to get their pup around, so they turn to buses, trains, and subways. If you find yourself considering public transportation to get your dog someplace, here’s how to do so safely.

King of the Forest
In 1923, on holiday in the Swiss Alps, the Viennese writer Felix Salten was so taken with the natural setting ... screams the magpie, “Spy!” shrieks the jay. The dog responds in kind, denouncing their benighted naiveté. Besides, he isn’t the only.

Morten Gamst Pedersen: 'I remember reading a newspaper article about the biggest flops that season. And I was one of them'
Morten Gamst Pedersen does not exude the air of a sensitive type as he rolls up from training with his bleached blond hair, wristwatch the size of a brick and a colourful T-shirt bearing a seemingly irreverent image of a cartoon dog. The task ahead of him.

Arsenal vs Cologne, Europa League LIVE: Kick-off delayed by AN HOUR at the Emirates Stadium 'in the interests of crowd safety' after 20,000 travelling fans flood north London
Arsene Wenger believes Jack Wilshere can get back to his best for Arsenal as he prepares to play his first game for the club in over a year. The 25-year-old is in line to face Cologne as the Gunners begin their Europa League campaign at home on Thursday.

Woodland Hills Dachshund named Charlie aims to be top dog at Westminster Kennel Club show
They're my pets, my family," the 67-year-old computer consultant and software designer said. "They just happen to also be show dogs." When the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show is held in New York next month, Van Elgort will field a magnificent.