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Don’t believe it; dogs can get fleas at a kennel
Dogs can get fleas from going practically anywhere — the kennel, the groomer, or just playing outside. Fleas can jump almost 4 feet to find a suitable host for their first blood meal. They may even enter your house by hitching a ride on your clothing or.

Why should dogs have all the fun? Try adventure catting
They haven’t encountered Helena, the bike basket-riding tuxedo cat, or Sushi, the salmon-and-white rescue who’s been in a ... We got him as a kitten and started harness training almost immediately because I love dogs and my first pet out of college.

Hurricane Irma update: Cape Coral's Bo Nose Rescue lost kennels in storm, looking for shelter
As Hurricane Irma's winds reached tropical strength Sunday, Crystal McClaran loaded 20 high-energy dogs in a van and headed north, leaving 10 behind. McClaran, of Bo Nose Rescue and Bo Nose K9 Training in ... or a trailer to house the dogs.

Meet Dogs Up for Adoption at Long Island Shelters This Week
She is very treat motivated, house trained, affectionate and even likes other dogs ... Rufus was fixed up and rescued by an amazing New York-based organization known as Rescue Dogs Rock. All seemed on the up-and-up for Rufus until he wound up in the.

LeBron calls Trump a 'bum' over NFL and NBA rants
US President Donald Trump has denounced protests by NFL players and rescinded a White House invitation for NBA ... breezed through his first day of training with members of the Australian Federal Police. A rescue dog credited with saving 52 lives is.

Disabled vets and rescue dogs: New beginnings for both
I used to not leave the house because ... a lot of the dogs just bark and go crazy," says Kelli.. "He was so calm. He just looked at it and then at me. So I asked that he be pulled. We bonded for a month then started training." And his confidence rubbed.

Hero dogs make life easier, save lives
Pole said all of the dogs in Phase One training, like Honor, get the same training. “We teach them house manners and about 80 percent ... Amanda came. “We rescue golden retrievers and we thought we might be interested in maybe donating to the program.

New program lets jail inmates rehabilitate shelter dogs
A new program helping jail inmates and at-risk shelter dogs get a new chance at life is off to a good start. A nonprofit organization called Pivot Animal Rescue & Educational ... handlers teach basic obedience, house training, and socialization with.

Meet The Real Shelter Dogs of New Jersey: The New Cast!
Today’s installment of The Real Shelter Dogs do not technically hail from a shelter, but instead One Love Animal Rescue ... training, care and love they need to be successful Good Dogs. Duke is a 7-year-old shepherd-hound mix. He weighs 75 pounds, is.

Keeping Your Dog's Headspace Healthy
The types of activities, structured or otherwise, you can do with your dog are limitless, and they are necessary for a well-balanced dog. Like people, dogs can go a bit stir-crazy when left in the house all day, for weeks at a time. And no, playing in the.