How to care for a 6 week old guinea pig


Rebecca Lobo's Incredible Journey to Basketball Royalty
Rebecca grew up with two siblings—Jason and Rachel—a cat named Froot Loops, a dog called Nike and a guinea pig named Pinnywig ... our 11-year-old daughter asked. When I answered no, our 6-year-old daughter said: “So Mom is better than LeBron?” “.

For a steak 'geek' Terry Laybourne's Porterhouse proves to be a really rare find
Which is why it’s really important to any foodie (other than veggies, of course) when there’s a new place in town where they really care about the details ... I have to say on paper because, a couple or so weeks after opening, not quite everything.

Fairfax County Adopt a Pet
Dolph, a neutered mixed-breed dog of unknown age, is available from the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. Six 4-week-old guinea pigs — four males and two females — are available from the Fairfax City Animal Shelter. The Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week: Shawn the guinea pig is looking for a new home
Shawn, a 1-year-old guinea pig ... has received 23 guinea pigs. That’s more than one a week. Although far fewer than the number of dog and cat surrenders, that guinea pig number is still significant. Caged pets seem easy to care for.

More puppies, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs arrive from Texas, looking for new homes
“The groups down there were texting me their stories and their pictures and I’m like, ‘Just bring them all and we’ll take care of them,’” she said ... a ferret, and guinea pigs. They say they are always in need of people to help foster the.

The Audacious, Complicated Plan to Move a Swedish Mining Town - Bloomberg
Stralberg may have been a guinea pig—or “trial rabbit,” as he puts it—for the move, but he’s got company now. A multi­building apartment complex was demolished last fall, and residents were moved to new homes on the site of an old military base.

How To Choose a Healthy Guinea Pig
Try to find out the age of your guinea pig, and adopt one that is as young as possible (around 6 weeks old is the youngest a piglet should head to a new home). If any of the guinea pigs in the same cage (or same shelter, breeder, or store) seem ill.

How to take care of a guinea pig?
But through out the day make sure they have pellets and clean water Another view Taking care of a guinea-pig is rather similar to taking care ... re mother quite a bit until they are about two weeks old. And if you have any babies that you don't.

Summer of Service: 17-year-old volunteers hundreds of hours teaching kids about animal rescue
This week, we are recognizing the local children with a passion for service who spent their summer vacations giving back. 17-year-old Celia Campbell spent her ... a bad day and then we’ll give them a guinea pig, or we’ll give them a kitten and it.

Local evacuee shelters could be open for weeks
However, it does appear the shelters could be open for a few weeks, as people are still being evacuated ... Harmon said that snakes, large lizards and guinea pigs have made the trip. “We’ve had some rather exotic animals,” he said.