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Dubious Dog Food Labeling Claims
Food is a business and dog food ... IMO, 'hypoallergenic' is misleading. While nothing ever works for all dogs, I've had much better luck managing food allergies and sensitivities in dogs using a hydrolyzed food or home-prepared diet.

The 21 Easiest Dog Breeds to Own
Basic obedience training will make your dog a better companion and strengthen the bond between the two of you.” Poorly trained German shepherds can develop behaviors, such as excessive barking, digging, and food stealing. But this dog breed responds.

Dog's hot spot possible causes: Allergies, fleas, boredom, anxiety - Newsday
Treatments for hot spots caused by a dog gnawing its legs or paws include topical ointments, changing diet or getting more exercise. Photo Credit: Getty ... A. Dogs itch for a variety of reasons, ranging from boredom and anxiety to fleas, food.

Hypoallergenic Cats: Solution for Cat Allergy?
Oct. 28, 2004 -- For $3,500, you can own the world's first hypoallergenic kitten. Yes folks, the kitten is due off the "assembly line" in 2007 and promises to solve the dilemma of cat lovers suffering from a cat allergy. Allergy specialists, however.

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate descriptions on skin-care product labels. That means terms such as "for sensitive skin" or " hypoallergenic " are no guarantee that a product will not irritate or cause an allergic reaction, she added.

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Can new dog feeders help solve mealtime problems? Crafts you can do with your dog Crafts you can do with your dog Does food taste different to cats and dogs? Does food taste ... about specific dog breeds that are "hypoallergenic" and perfect for families.

The latest on allergies in dogs, cats - Sacramento Bee
such as kangaroo and oats or fish and potatoes. If the pet improves after eight to 12 weeks of eating only the hypoallergenic diet (no treats or table foods ), ingredients are added back into meals one by one until it's clear which one is causing.

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If food allergies are suspected, your veterinarian will recommend that you feed your pet a single, unique protein diet exclusively for 8 to 12 weeks. Only a veterinary prescribed prescription diet or a homemade diet will meet this allergy food trial.

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Kersti Bayne holds her pet hedgehogs at her Lewiston apartment recently. Kersti Bayne holds ... Although there is such a thing as hedgehog kibble, experts recommend adding wet cat food and cooked egg or meat to their diet . Hedgehogs also eat.

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We never imagined the kind of response we received. Whether it's fins, fur or feathers, animals in the workplace are loved and welcomed many places in the Brainerd lakes area and beyond. A fine example is Frasier, a clinic cat at Litke's Veterinary.

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Despite any marketing claims you've seen to the contrary, there is no − repeat − no such thing as a genuinely " hypoallergenic " cat , according to AAFA. Even if a cat is hairless, your body's immune system is reacting to proteins in the cat's urine.

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Though he's a hypoallergenic pet , he has various food allergies, so she keeps him on a grain-free diet , feeding him rice, vegetables and fish. "He eats better than I do," Mrozowski says. But those are all small obstacles when you consider the upsides.