Irish Dog Breeding Legislation Acts


Trade in 'Irish' pit bulls flouts dog law
The RSPCA says that the "Irish" variety - which it does not recognise as a breed - is helping to fuel the return of dog fighting to levels last seen in the 1980s before the Dangerous Dogs Act was enforced. Mike Butcher, the chief inspector for the RSPCA.

Mutts Gone Nuts brings thrilling dog acts to Springfield
Back in the '50s and '60s, it was popular to have a dog act with only one breed....all poodles or all Dalmatians, for example. Then, somewhere along the line in the '70s or '80s, mutt acts started to gain popularity. So, for the past few decades dog shows.

New California law says pet shops are only allowed to sell rescues
All dogs, cats and rabbits sold in ... from shelters and nonprofit rescues, instead of breeders or notoriously cruel puppy mills. California's Governor Jerry Brown signed the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act (Assembly Bill 485), authored by Assemblymember.

Chinese Panda Breeders Act As Surrogate Mothers To Panda Cubs
The China Giant Panda Protection And Research Centre has seen the birth of several panda twins in recent months.Breeders are ensuring the survival ... using a special formula made from dog milk and human baby formula.

California law could set new standard for pet stores
Jerry Brown signed into law an act that requires pet stores to sell ... as distinguished from breeding kennels. Under Connecticut law, pet shops must have cats and dogs examined every 15 days by licensed veterinarians until the animals are sold, and.

The law on breeding puppies
Sir, – I read with interest Karlin Lillington’s article on dog-breeding establishments in Ireland (“Sad realities of our domestic puppy-farming industry” (August 5th) and noted the reported views of Dr Andrew Kelly, chief executive of the Irish.

Charities seek update to laws concerning 'assistance dogs'
A new umbrella organisation is concerned improperly-trained dogs will discourage businesses from allowing “assistance dogs” on their premises. With the same breed ... Control of Dogs Act and the Child Care Act. The chairman of Irish Assistance Dogs.

Gov. Brown signs pet rescue act, mandating shelter dogs, cats be sold at pets shops in California
California has become the first state to require all stores that sell dogs, cats and rabbits to offer adoptable pets from shelters and nonprofit rescue groups instead of through breeders or puppy ... The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act was authored by.

More than 200 Canberrans urge legal changes on dangerous dogs
There were 155 dog ... legislation should not be breed-specific, but define such dogs as "those that have attacked a person or other animal, causing physical injury or death". The petition noted the 84 people presenting to emergency departments in the ACT.

These Are the Most Loyal Dog Breeds You Can Own
Everybody wants something different in a dog. But many potential pet owners wish for a ... And here’s something important to note: Many people have a difficult time training an Irish wolfhound. They act like puppies until about two years of age and.