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25 Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog
October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month; here are 25 benefits of adopting a shelter dog ... But because the dog may have a history that prevented such training (such as never being allowed inside the house), you shouldn't go in expecting a house-trained.

How to Minimize Data Wrangling and Maximize Data Intelligence - DZone News
New data-analysis tools are arriving that promise to deliver the benefits of the technology to non-scientists. Steve Lohr profiles several of these products in an August 17, 2014, article in the New York Times. For example, ClearStory Data's software.

Lessons in management: What would Walt Disney do? - Globe and Mail
This kind of common sense "magic" is typical of the advice offered by the Disney Institute, which has seen demand for its customer service and staff- training secrets from big companies – including a growing number of Canadian ones – skyrocket.

Enbridge's Janet Holder: Pushing west, with muscle - Globe and Mail
To understand Janet Holder, you could start with the surprising image of her at age 32 – a five-foot-nothing power-lifter tipping the scales at 112 pounds and, by some miracle of muscle and mechanics, dead-lifting nearly three times her weight. Or you.

RMS adds agricultural risk models for India and China - (blog)
RMS aims to provide a complete agricultural risk management service for local and global insurance and reinsurance firms, including high-touch modeling support, analytical services, training , and event response. “Countries throughout Asia-Pacific are&nbsp.

Toronto neighbours consider the great indoor or outdoor cat debate - The Globe and Mail
He and Ms. Tan began training Eleven for the harness soon after they picked her up from the cat rescue (they would also like to buy her a tiny life jacket so they can go kayaking). Mr. Carver had never owned a cat and was smitten by the kitten; Eleven.

In Quebec, IBM finds a better way to get things done - Globe and Mail
Still, manufacturing director Ray Leduc argues that it's a combination of relentless training and an egalitarian philosophy that has allowed the Bromont plant to boost its productivity while cutting costs and keeping its head count stable through the.

Five great reasons why your kids should play more - The Globe and Mail
Welcome to Health Advisor, where contributors share their knowledge in fields ranging from fitness to psychology, pediatrics to aging. Follow us @Globe_Health. ... Here are a few of the benefits beyond the simple fun of it: Story continues below.

Would you make your DNA and health data public if it may help cure disease? - Globe and Mail
They talk about what pharmaceuticals they use to deal with it … because you can benefit by talking about it." And, says Dr. ... There's someone with an allergy to cats , and a middle-aged man who notes that he can sing on key. Dr. Church is the one.

Touring Cat Circus Returns to Hometown Chicago For 6 Shows This Weekend
The performance group is composed of formerly stray or orphaned cats, and the troupe aims to promote the benefits of cat adoption and cat training through its shows.

Bringing Relational Data Into Data Lakes - DZone News
prostate_glm. Calculate model performance based on training , validation, and test data: train_performance .... ! cat /Users/avkashchauhan/Downloads/model_output.txt. Launch the following ... ! cat /Users/avkashchauhan/Downloads/model_output.txt. You will.

The winning formulas for workplace wellness - The Globe and Mail
It's not uncommon to see blackboards full of math on the top section and down at the bottom doodles of cats or fish because we have a lot of events where we have families come into the building. ... "Our wellness education sessions, wellness fairs.

Free Money at the Edge of the Tech Boom
The GI Bill might have helped black people get an education, but they could not take equal advantage of the Veterans Administration housing benefits because of racist ... It’s a bunch of condominiums with stray cats walking around,” Tubbs jokes.

Why Canada needs publicly funded insurance for home care - The Globe and Mail
Réjean Hébert is a geriatrician and gerontologist and advisor with He is also Professor at the School of Public Health, Université de Montréal; former Scientific Director of the Institute of Aging and former Minister of Health and.