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The Best Dogs for First-Time Owners -
Enthusiastic, smart and friendly, I'm the most popular breed in the world for good reason. But before I brag more, I'll remind you that all dogs benefit from training. No dog (not even Lassie!) is born with an obedience title in place. But we Labs give.

Dog parks offer place for pooches to exercise, socialize - Observer-Reporter
Angela Rice, a dog trainer and Labrador retriever breeder who operates Bella Notte Labradors in Hickory, encourages dog owners to “scope out” the dog park by driving there on the day of the week and time they plan to take their dogs . “See what kind of.

Breeder can't have dogs until cruelty charges resolved - Burlington Times News
GRAHAM — Nancy B. Brewer not only can't get her dogs back, she can't have any dogs until a raft of animal-cruelty and killing-animals-by-starvation charges against her are resolved. “The defendant is charged with the neglect, mistreatment, torture and.

Seen At 11: Growing Number Of Breeders Offer Pets For Lease - CBS New York
A growing number of breeders and pet stores are doing it, but as CBS2's Kristine Johnson explained, not everyone thinks it's a good idea. “Our previous dog was hit by a car on Valentine's Day,” Angela Kyme said. With heartbroken kids at home Kyme said.

Canine carrier screening - Scientist Live
Mettler Toledo's Rainin pipettes and TerraRack pipette tip racks are helping Paw Print Genetics in Spokane, USA, to offer a canine carrier screening service, enabling dog breeders to ensure the health of their animals. Kyle Sundin, Senior Manager.

VIDEO: Better flock up your daughters… ram returns for breeding season after pioneering arthritis operation - The Sunday Post
VIDEO: Better flock up your daughters… ram returns for breeding season after pioneering arthritis operation ... It's a procedure normally used to treat dogs . Andrew said: “We ... The cells are taken from the animal, grown in a lab and injected back.

The Government Purged Animal Welfare Data. Now the Humane Society Is Threatening to Sue - TIME
USDA abruptly purges animal welfare information from its website Washington Post.

Which dog breeds are best for pointing, retrieving, tracking? (PHOTO GALLERY)
It's been said that any dog can be a hunting dog; that deep in their ancient DNA all dogs possess the instincts of wolves. With some breeds, that instinct has been allowed to flourish, but with many others, it has been diluted by breeding and training.

Kerala: Exotic dogs on decline - Deccan Chronicle
Dr E. K. Easwaran, former president, Indian Veterinary Association, advises pet owners against going for exotic breed dogs if they do not have time to groom them every day. “Nothing comes cheap these days including labour. Most of these exotic breed.

Dog DNA Testing Market Grows As Vendors Target Consumers, Breeders, Vets - GenomeWeb
The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test, has a turnaround time of two weeks or less, and covers 94 breeds , which the company picked according to their popularity. It keeps adding breeds when they get .... OptiGen started offering its first test to.

Pay Attention, You Dope - Flathead Beacon
When I said the country on the right looked birdy, the Dog Whisperer responded with the bird hunter's mantra: human eyes are no match a dog's nose when it comes to all things birdy. The canine nose has ... Heck, there's a Lab at work in Puget Sound.