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Hero dogs make life easier, save lives - Carroll County Times
“I'm a lab person and I worried that someone was going to leave a dog . But later, when she came in with a vest on I learned she is a puppy -raiser and the dog [Medal of Honor] is in training to be a hero dog .” Wetzel said she learned more from the web.

Deception and Fraud on the Internet - Inside Higher Ed (blog)
Now to fake puppy sale sites. Apart from hopeful parents of human adoptions, who is more of a potential sucker for fraud than someone looking for a puppy ? For almost a year now, I have craved a dog . I never had one growing up, only turtles and fish.

How to Train a Cat Using Clicker Training
and cats are easy to train. Unwanted behaviors can be stopped through a combination of addressing the reasons for the behavior, positive reinforcement and changing the environment. Clicker training, the same method your family uses for dog training.

Diabetic OU nursing student with service dog hopes to educate others - Norman Transcript
NORMAN — Levi, a 1-year-old chocolate labrador retriever, loves belly rubs, and Morgan Johnston is more than happy to hand them out. Levi is a diabetic alert dog , and Johnston said he saves her life on a daily basis. “He can smell if my blood sugar is.

5 Key Points for Training Your Retriever
If you are shooting doves, pick up the short, easy ones yourself ... breeding selection and have embarked on a course of producing better dogs by training rather than breeding. The Labrador is the breed I most commonly work with, and I am alarmed at.

Your most embarrassing pet stories - Los Angeles Times
Baxter (the dog ) had just finished crate and potty training and was doing so well I decided to take him to work with me one day. (The office is pet-friendly.) Not five minutes after we arrived, he relieved himself all ..... Do I go in to try collect my.

These Are the Happiest Dog Breeds Who Love Spending Time With You - The Cheat Sheet
Next on the list of the happiest dog breeds is the bearded collie, a breed that PetGuide characterizes as “cheerful and happy-go-lucky.” The publication notes that ... dog breeds.) But the fact that he's friendly and easily trained, according to the.

Indoor Potty Training for Puppies
If having the toilet area outside is too difficult for successful potty training, then moving the toilet indoors might be the answer. There are several ways of creating an indoor toilet for your dog. It can be as simple ... with an easy-to-clean floor.

So, you want a puppy to train as a gun dog? - Gloversville Leader-Herald
A simple internet search will reveal several breeders to talk to. ... The Labrador Retriever is an all-around hunting machine that is intelligent, trainable, a great house dog and its easy -going, always-willing-to-please temperament made it the obvious.

Doggy Paddle: Tips To SUP With Your Pup - GearJunkie
The first time I took my dog on a paddle he was a rambunctious three-month-old puppy . I didn't let the fact that he knew no commands and misunderstood the power of his quickly growing Labrador body stop me. Needless to say it didn't go as I'd imagined.

Hero Dogs program enlists pups to help those who served
At 18 months, the puppies learn special skills. Injured veterans often have trouble doing things that used to be easy, such as walking up stairs, shutting doors or turning light switches off and on. During this part of training, the puppies learn to do.

The Chew: Back to School, For Your Dog - ARL now
We all know dogs are clever animals, but did you know that according to Dr. Stanley Coren, an expert in canine intelligence, the average dog can understand about 165 words, possibly more with training ? Dogs are amazing ... Usually at around 7-8 weeks.

Miller v. Fortune Commercial Corporation - The Recorder
Defendants moved for summary judgment arguing principally that Miller's dog was not a fully trained service animal at the time of the alleged incidents, that Miller did not bring his dog to the markets for the purpose of training her, and that in any.

Over-mothered puppies more likely to fail guide dog training - New Scientist
Helicopter parenting isn't good for guide dog puppies either Mother Nature Network.