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PEOPLE’s Guide Dog at Large Is Mastering His Manners
PEOPLE’s guide ... of the Blind and Murphy’s puppy raisers have to teach focus on making him a perfect gentleman. Knowing house manners and how to obey them is vital to Murphy’s success as a guide dog. Since the Labrador’s owner will not be able.

BAT Proactive Training Gives Dogs The Tools They Need To Succeed - The Bark (blog)
While I might use a lot of prompting and treats in emergencies—such as meeting the off-leash Labrador puppy described earlier—I see that as distraction rather than as a way to teach my dog to interact socially. Distraction is a useful survival.

Differences in Trait Impulsivity Indicate Diversification of Dog Breeds into Working and Show Lines -
We describe differences in impulsivity between and within two dog breeds with working and show lines selected for different levels of impulsivity: Border Collies (herding work) and Labrador Retrievers (gun work). Recent show line selection might have&nbsp.

Illinois Firefighter's Service Dog Creates Conflict in Fire Department -
Service dogs have for years helped people with physical disabilities, but increasingly they are being trained to help people cope with mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, reports Among those people are veterans.

Toronto couple with service dog barred from Prince Edward County B&B -
David Greenwood is visually-impaired and relies on Romy, his black Labrador , to get him around. ... But when Greenwood and his wife, Jill, arrived at Sunrise Bed and Breakfast in Bloomfield, Ont., this summer, they were told its no- pet policy extends.

Blame owners, not pit bulls - Las Vegas Sun
Often, any dog with a “pit bull-like appearance” is referred to as a pit bull. But studies have shown that visual breed identification is highly inconsistent and inaccurate even among experts. Taken as a percentage of the total canine population, their.

A Look Into the Amazing Woman – and Dog – Who Launched a Movement for Pit Bulls Across the US - One Green Planet
Anyone who has ever loved a dog will know just how much joy, fun, and enthusiasm these animals can bring into our lives. Their hilarious antics and peculiar way of looking at the world capture our hearts and fill us with laughter, and when they leave.

Man's Best Friend, a Life-Saving Specialist for Diabetics - American Council on Science and Health
A 7-year old California boy, who nearly died as a result of complications from hypoglycemia, is alive today thanks to his family's dog and the canine's specially- trained sense of smell. Luke Nuttall is a Type 1 diabetic whose blood sugar rapidly.

Licking their wounds: Trained dogs assist, comfort wounded Airmen - Air Force Link
Staff Sgt. Ryan Garrison embraces his service dog Luke at their home in Glen Burnie, Md., March 29, 2016. Garrison, who worked at the Defense Courier Station-Baltimore at Fort Meade, Md., before he medically retired, was given the Labrador to help him&nbsp.

Rabbi Ron Grossman: We are one or we are none - Herald Review
Rabbi Ron “Rocky” Grossman, age 64, had only limited knowledge of his Jewish ethnicity, a child born in Wirt, Minnesota. There were a few Jewish families in the area; however, history had not been kind. Families Ron knew with Jewish sounding names or&nbsp.