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Cagle and Doc headed to National Retriever Derby - Clanton Advertiser
Dogs are also judged on if they go directly to the bird , how they handle obstacles, etc. The birds are usually 200 to 400 yards away from the dog . Chuck Cagle has been training Doc since he was six weeks old. Doc is now almost 2 years old, making him.

The Best Dogs for First-Time Owners -
Training books and videos are wonderful tools, but we learn most about dog training through experience. First-time dog owners are bound to make missteps navigating new ... Of course Labrador Retrievers are among the best dogs for first-time owners.

Richard A. Wolters Dog Training Expert, 73
Wolters, an expert on training hunting ... wrote a number of books on dogs, including three published by Dutton, "Gun Dog" (1961), "Family Dog" (1963) and "Beau, From Both Ends of His Leash" (1966), and "The Labrador Retriever" (Petersen Prints, 1982.

On his mark: Missoula Lab succeeds at national retrieving competition - The Missoulian
The desire to mark tends to be genetic, and Odin descends from a line of competitive Labs. But the finishing comes from lots of training . Fangsrud credited that to his time with nephew and hunting dog trainer Eric Fangsrud of Mission Mountain.

These Are the Incredible Dog Breeds That Prevent Airline Disasters - The Cheat Sheet
With characteristics of both pointer and retriever, the Vizsla is an expert hunting dog who's easily trained, making him an ideal dog for TSA checkpoints. Gentle and affectionate in temperament, ... With more than just grade-A snuggling chops, Labrador.

Georgetown Township dog earns right to be called Grand Hunting Retriever Champion
Too much fire in a gun dog can be a liability during hunting tests, said Tim Doane, the 70-pound black Labrador ... Marsh Retrievers, with locations in Harrisville and Olaton, Ky. Doane and soon bonded with Ely. Moses helped Doane with some of training's.

Dangerous dogs cost owners thousands in Pa. - York Daily Record/Sunday News
When Bo wasn't playing, he was training to be a hunting dog . But now, the only time Bo goes outside is when he has to go to the bathroom. In 2011, the chocolate Labrador Retriever was placed on the state's Dangerous Dog Registry after he was deemed&nbsp.

Find Your Shot Deer Faster with the Dog That Can Do It All
With gun/deer season starting soon ... the Labrador retriever has and its pedigree heavily influence the value of the dog. Depending on how much training the Labrador retriever has, its pedigree, and how proven it is, that Lab may sell for $5,000 or.

Mitch Moreland, Boston Red Sox's gritty 1B, enjoys cooking, training his retriever, hunting on his farm -
Deer and duck are mainly the two big things that I hunt. Turkey season's always during baseball season. I would like to do that. I enjoy that. But ... Smith: You told me during spring training you have two dogs , right? Moreland: Both labs. Both.

Gun Dog Breeders: Labrador Retriever Facts
Vote Now The second Earl of Malmesbury took the Labrador retriever to England in 1830, where the dogs received their training to become retrievers ... Labrador retrievers, especially the working lines from gun dog breeders are athletic and highly energetic.

5 Key Points for Training Your Retriever
The most common deficiency in the average hunter's gundog training ... the golden and Labrador retrievers. The trials were small and very representative of a day's shooting, and the skills judged were those that had value to the hunting dog and hunter.

Curl Power: Poodles Return to the Field
Skeptical? So was Louter, once upon a time. A lifelong hunter, he began training traditional hunting dogs—golden and Labrador retrievers and spaniels—more than twenty years ago. Then, a decade or so back, he branched out. He met a woman named Angie.

5 things to know about Boise State's adorable tee-fetching dog tradition - SB Nation
During home games, the Broncos use an adorable dog named Cowboy Kohl who retrieves the tee every time the football is kicked off. About once a year, the Boise State kicking tee dog's performance goes viral, as happened again in September 2017.

Training Dogs for Grouse Hunting
Most purists pursue grouse with pointing dogs. However, more hunters own retrievers, with the Labrador the top breed owned by U.S ... Another way to hold the gun while making a left-hand cast is to lean it back against your right shoulder.