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The crazy history of the 'cat lady' - The Boston Globe
Continue Reading. Loading comments... Most Popular In Ideas · Why America needs more college graduates ASAP. We're ignoring the most important problem in higher ed. MORE... Robots need civil rights, too. We may not even recognize new life when we&nbsp.

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Hong Kong radio host Jonathan Douglas bows out after more than 30 years on the airwaves - South China Morning Post
“I want to enrol in acting classes in London and learn to ride a motorbike to explore Europe,” he says. Having hosted the Morning Call – a ... As a British colony, Hong Kong was a land of opportunity for young graduates like me. Here, I found the.

Is China About to Plunge the World into Recession? - Foreign Policy (blog)
Chovanec: What the rest of the world should care about isn't Chinese output (GDP) growth, but Chinese consumption growth. Even in the face of a downturn, Chinese consumer demand has the capacity to remain relatively resilient. People talk about China&nbsp.

Harvey Brings Stormy Weather Our Way, National Cuddle Party, UFO Rendezvous - WBT
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Radio presenter Lee Chi-chun dies at 74 - Focus Taiwan News Channel (press release)
Lee had suffered from dementia since 2013 and had been admitted to a local hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) four times due to pneumonia since the Year of the Rooster started on January 28, so his family was somewhat prepared for his death, Lee's.

The Facebook generation in Poland - Warsaw Business Journal
Nicholas Carr, a Harvard graduate , in his famous book “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains,” noted that the more we use the internet, the more difficult it is for us to concentrate when reading longer texts. It applies to both.

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How to help people affected by wildfires in Lake County, Napa County -- Give #WhereYouLive -
ABC7 is partnering with the Red Cross to support life-saving disaster relief for those affected by wildfires across the West Coast, like our neighbors impacted by the Valley Fire and the Butte Fire. It's easy to Give Where You Live -- to make a $10.

A Nazi Skeleton in the Family Closet - Consortium News
By the next decade, working as the U.S. managing editor of The Financial Times, she proudly interviewed then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, who had won control as a result of the 2004 “Orange Revolution.” In her approach to journalism, Freeland&nbsp.

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Glencore sells stake in Abbot Point Coal Terminal to Adani - Australian Mining
Glencore and Adani have reached an agreement over the future of Queensland's Abbot Point Coal Terminal. Adani acquired a 99-year lease of the terminal from the state government in 2011, and since then, it has been operated by Abbot Point BulkCoal&nbsp.

Clare M. Cotton, 87; strong advocate for higher education - Boston Globe (subscription)
“If we do not preserve education and particularly our graduate and professional education base, the social and economic crisis will come as surely as it does when the water and sewer system fail.” Mr. Cotton, a former Wall Street Journal technology.

No Time to Lose: Why the Next President Must Move Quickly to Reassert US Power - Foreign Policy (blog)
You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. That's true in life, of course. But it's also an adage that the next president should heed as well. Whoever succeeds President Barack Obama will inherit a global security order in an advanced.