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The Holly Hotel — a glimpse at Holly's colorful past - Fenton Tri County Times
Built in 1891, the Holly Hotel has courted such guests as notorious as pro- temperance leader Carry Nation in 1908, as famous as President George Bush in 1992 and as invisible as ghosts throughout its years as Holly's most stately (yet haunted) dining.

Tips on How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly and Posh from HGTV’s Nicole Curtis
If you’re able to, carve out an area for your dog or cat underneath them that can either be for storage or a resting area. What are some common misconceptions you come across about how people see pets and home décor going together? One of my biggest pet.

Dying service dog who did three tours in Afghanistan with Marines honored in tear-filled ceremony
Hundreds gathered in Michigan to say goodbye to a beloved cancer-stricken service dog who did three tours in Afghanistan with the Marines. Cena, a 10-year-old black lab, was euthanized later Wednesday and carried off in a flag-draped coffin. "My whole.

Volunteer real-life models of all ages, sizes pose for calendar to raise funds for Connecticut vets
We want women to love their body size, love the body that they’re in ... Angel Amy Gentile, 50, a former body builder, runs Amy’s Pampered Pawler dog and cat grooming in Plainville, met Sequenzia in 2004 at a restaurant well-known for its line dancing.

The Craziest Ways People Pamper Their Dogs in LA - Thrillist
Given our reputation as macrobiotic yoga- loving weirdos, it's no surprise that Angelenos go to great lengths to pamper themselves -- but the lengths we go to for our four-legged friends can also be totally nuts. .... “Last time I was in New York for a.

Actor Gillian's tries to find out why we love our dogs so much in S4C documentary
I love all animals, but there is something special about dogs. My dogs are like a family to me and I can't ... friends and clients at a dog grooming salon in Llandeilo; old school friend and dog show competitor Heulwen from Upper Cwmtwrch in the Swansea.

Gone to the dogs; Gaye Brockett's life revolves around her prized canaines
I work dogs, I live dogs and I breathe dogs," said Brockett, 49, who works in Spokane as a veterinary technician. Brockett's way of life, which revolves around grooming ... "I fell into a niche when I got my first beardie. (The breed) plays my heart.

Prom Time: A Guide to Charities Providing Free Gowns to Financially Needy Teens - Samaritan Mag
Here are some notable organizations in Canada and the U.S. working to ensure all teens look and feel smashing on prom night. Most cater to females, but a couple also offer suits and grooming services. The respective web sites also have information on.

Malachy 1st in breed to win since '90 - Toledo Blade
Grand Champion Peerless I Am the Love Bug, better known as just Bugs, a dog from the Toledo suburb of Holland who was competing in New York, did not make the cut in the bull mastiff best of breed judging. Owned by Christy Shepler and Alexis O'Larry of.

Distillers joining craft brewing movement in Indiana - Goshen News
While some of those laws have since fallen away, there's still a flavor of temperance in the state. Retail stores can't ... They pointed to states such as Michigan , where 32 small distillers sell local spirits and generate tourism dollars and tax.