Male Quaker Parrot Behavior


Scientists Stumped Over How Humpback Whale Got Stuck in Moriches Bay - NBC New York
So many of you followed the sad story of the whale that lost its way and ended up stranded in Moriches Bay. The feds say there is much to learn from the death of this great sea mammal. Greg Cergol reports. (Published Monday, Nov. 28, 2016). Days after.

Ask the Author Live: Hendrik Hertzberg
QUESTION FROM SCOTT: As a Jew, I’ve been watching this scandal wondering if this kind of behavior is unique to Catholic clergy ... in my opinion: total male domination, all-male institutions, devaluing of women, clericalism. QUESTION FROM BOB ELLIS.

Time-Lapse Video: 'Bad Ass' Badger Buries, Preserves, and Stashes Entire Cow - EnviroNews (registration) (blog)
Video: Badger buries cow carcass in Utah, shocks science world KUTV 2News.

Trump Web Page Asks Americans if They'd Like Him to Kill the National Park Service, Forest Service - EnviroNews (registration) (blog)
Greenberg added, “The Trump administration keeps moving the goalposts on what is considered extreme behavior , but we can't afford to let outrageous anti-public lands attacks become the new normal.” The Wilderness Society urges readers to respond,&nbsp.

Bill Uhrich: Mysterious signature becomes part of book's history
I wrote last week about the Holy Grail set No. 1 of Witmer Stone's "Bird Studies ... been an all-male bastion until an exception was made for Ellie's enthusiasm. She learned to identify birds by their calls, color and shape, by their behavior, habitat.

Lack of female breakfast-cereal cartoon spokescharacters is perfectly appalling
The Quaker ... behavior at least vaguely resemble ours. So when your child - let's say his name is Billy - reaches a certain age, instead of "the birds and the bees," you'd have a little talk with him about, say, "the dogs." You'd say: "Billy, the male.

New Species of Amazon Parrot Discovered in Mexico - Smithsonian
To study the parrots in close proximity, Garza received permission from Mexican authorities to capture a male and female member of the species. With the help of Tony Silva, an independent bird researcher in Florida, and Pawel Mackiewicz, a geneticist.

ACLU Reveals Bills in 20 States Aiming to Criminalize Peaceful Protest — Is Your State on the List? - EnviroNews (registration) (blog)
Protest behaviors such as gathering in large groups, wearing face coverings and interfering with roads or “critical infrastructure” are targeted in the various Republican-led legislative maneuvers. “This flood of bills represents an unprecedented level.

The Biggest Tree Canopy on the Planet Stretches Across Nearly Five Acres - Smithsonian
The road to Thimmamma Marrimanu leads through one of the driest parts of India. I picked it up in a town called Kadiri and drove another hour through camelback mountains and peanut fields. Granite boulders covered the brown landscape like a crumble&nbsp.

How DOE Incentivized Executives at Hanford To Sweep a Plutonium Leak Under The Rug (Pt. 4) - EnviroNews (registration) (blog)
EnviroNews DC News Bureau) — Editor's Note: The following news piece represents the forth in a 15-part mini-series titled, Nuclear Power in Our World Today, featuring nuclear authority, engineer and whistleblower Arnie Gundersen. The EnviroNews USA&nbsp.

The Bee That Breaks Your Heart - Smithsonian
Featured: The Packhorse Librarians of the Great Depression · Science · Age of Humans · Human Behavior · Mind & Body · Our Planet · Space · Wildlife · Newsletter · Earth Optimism Summit · Life in the Cosmos ..... When I visit in late September, the.