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Customer suing Rockland bank claims worker raided his accounts for at least $95,000
In August, Rockland Savings Bank President Harry Mank Jr. said an audit was done and that the FBI was investigating the possible embezzlement, which first was detected in early July. Mank could not be reached for comment Tuesday on whether that.

Could the New Passport Trigger a Bomb?
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is expected to issue 13 million passports this year. And one group of security experts says the American passports could be used as potential bomb triggers. The new e-passports, fitted with radio frequency.

Australia isn't immune to the Brexit debate
The European Union represents the worst inclinations of modern government - heavily bureaucratic, deliberately undemocratic, meddling and interventionist. Australian policymakers should not imagine that British discontent with Brussels has no lessons for.

Spare Shots; Kuhlkin renews quest to be bowling’s best (plus Bowling Notes)
The bad weather may have stopped the mail but it didn’t stop Liz Kuhlkin. One of the top bowlers got to the gym, practice and even survived a white-knuckled, five-hour round trip drive to Mechanicsburg, Pa. With so many bowling balls in her SUV, the ride.

From A-Z: A Guide To The Lost & Unmade Films Of David Fincher
In advance of “Gone Girl” opening on Friday, Fincher Week continues here at the Playlist, and we’re moving forward on a subject that’s rather less heavy on Paula Abdul than yesterday’s guide to David Fincher’s music videos. It’s difficult to.

Extremely obese Mexican man, 32, who weighs 1,100lbs and has spent last six years confined to bed, visits hospital to learn if he will ever walk again
A Mexican man who weighs about 1,100 pounds and hadn't left his bed in six years has been removed by medical personnel for treatment. His doctor said the 32-year-old man's name is Juan Pedro Franco and he is from the central Mexican city of Aguascalientes.

More than 1,000 gather for Belleville Memorial Day parade, ceremony
BELLEVILLE • Chuck Mank, 77, considered every moment of Belleville’s Memorial Day ceremony — running in a 5K race, marching in the town’s parade, and then standing at attention under the hot sun to hold a 3-by-5-foot American flag at the town’s.

'Life-threatening' rainfall expected in Texas, hurricane center says
CNN)Highways in Texas filled with cars Thursday into the night as coastal residents made their way north and out of the path of a hurricane that forecasters say will bring "life-threatening" amounts of rain. Some areas could get as many as 35 inches of.

Justin Bieber sighted at Waterloo theatre
Bieber and his friends reportedly took some time to chat with fans in the lobby before leaving. According to theatre manager Laura Mank, staff had been asked to turn over their cell phones to prevent any photos, and they were returned after he left.

Go! Guide: Arts and Entertainment Calendar July 21-27
8 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Mattoon Farmers Market, Lytle Park & Pool, 500 32nd St., Mattoon, 217-254-7011 9 a.m., Arthur Produce Auction, 354 N. Co. Rd. 100 E., Arthur, 217-543-5100 10-11 a.m., Pete The Cat Day, ages 3-7, Mattoon Public Library, 1600 Charleston.