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DOMA, #Prop8 inspire equality meme spinoffs with bacon, grumpy cat
Some people care ... meme for their own argument. SO you want to talk about #Equality? #PROLIFE <a href="" class=""></a>Maryland Gent Not all twists on the meme were made up of other political arguments or.

‘Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever’ Is Every Bit as Awful as You Feared
About halfway through Lifetime’s Grumpy Cat ... doesn’t care, but she secretly does care. The pet store is at risk of closing because the owner can’t afford the mall’s rent, so he decides to try to make a cute dog into a famous meme to get.

Grumpy Earl the Puggle Gives Grumpy Cat a Run for Her Money! See the Memes!
Grumpy Earl the Puggle and Grumpy Cat are two Internet sensations ... has thousands of likes and features a series of Earl’s funny memes. “If you’re happy and you know it, I don’t care,” one reads, while another quips, “Life is like a box.

Grumpy cat: Hollywood icon?
When Lashes was brought in to manage Grumpy Cat, he already had experience representing internet memes. He also acts on behalf of Keyboard ... As long as there are people that care about these things and are passionate about it, it can keep continuing.

Grumpy Cat meme to become a movie
And evidently, Hollywood agrees: EW has confirmed that Grumpy Cat, the pouting pet who instantly became a viral ... t compete with a one-year-old bundle of fur.) Plenty of Internet memes have netted their creators book deals — but this looks to be.

'Grumpy Cat' meme franchise started in Ohio
He has since managed a burgeoning “Grumpy Cat” franchise that features T-shirts ... Tabatha has given dozens of interviews this week about Tardar Sauce: The family took care of a pregnant cat and, charmed by the flat face and stubby tail of a newborn.

Grumpy Cat lands movie deal, doesn't care
Grumpy Cat, also known by her real name of Tardar Sauce, is clawing her way to Hollywood fame with her very own movie, with Deadline reporting that production company Broken Records is planning make a "big family comedy" based on the angry internet meme.

'Grumpy Cat' Still Hates Everyone At South By Southwest
Internet meme-famous 'Grumpy Cat' is making another public appearance at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas, and as you would expect, she could care less about the adoring fans. People have been lining up to meet the real-life cat at the.

New Grumpy Cat Has Been Stuck in an Animal Shelter for Over a Year
Rescued from the city animal care center, over a year ago ... One thing is for sure, though, Shamo is giving Grumpy Cat, the undisputed champ of cat memes, and Garfi, the angry-looking social media star, a run for the title of most dissatisfied-looking.