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Vegetarian diets really DO lower your cholesterol - Daily Mail
Vegetarians generally eat more greens, fruits and nuts which means they have a lower intake of saturated fat, researchers found. These foods are naturally rich in components such as soluble fibre, soy protein, and plant sterols (a cholesterol found in.

Sample Osteria Morini's Next-Generation Snack Shop - Eater DC
SOUTHWEST—Marquee music hall The Anthem boasts multiple bars expected to supply patrons with veggie chili dogs , gourmet grilled cheese, and dessert waffles, among other things. Oh yeah, and there'll also be plenty of booze ... 3064 Mt . Pleasant Street.

There's Plague on the Prairie, but These Dogs May Be Protected - New York Times
working with federal, state and tribal park rangers in seven states, distributed baits — all of which were bright red, the size of a large sugar cube and peanut-butter flavored — in 58 prairie dog colonies scattered around the Rocky Mountains and.

Our insider tips for the ultimate Okanagan boutique winery weekend trip - Revelstoke Mountaineer
The winery and tasting room is located above Skaha Lake with an impressive portfolio of incredible wines to sample . Julie and Paul ... From Blasted Church, continue towards Blue Mountain Winery, located just south of the town site of OK Falls. ... The.

Pick a pack of pawpaws - Pocono Record
Scoop out a spoonful of its yellowish pulp and sample for yourself. ... In fact, I could not find any historic records of pawpaw in the Pocono Mountains ; however, several years ago my friend Steve Chisarick and I discovered an ancient pawpaw patch.

Wildlife officials: DNA confirms mountain lion took dog from Pescadero bedroom - The Mercury News
PESCADERO — DNA from a drop of dog blood found near a Pescadero home confirmed that a pet pooch was indeed snatched by a mountain lion that slunk into a bedroom last week, state wildlife authorities said.

The truth about NHS hospitals: nurses
I would not trust my dog, let alone my mother, to many nurses' A patient in ... Whether you enjoy attentive nurses, a proper diet and clean wards is simply pot luck. Nor can this arbitrary standard of care be blamed wholly on staff shortages; rather.

Pet Points: Therapeutic diets can be lifesavers for pets - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pet nutrition has come a long way. As a veterinarian, I see significantly fewer problems with urinary tract stones than when I first started in practice. Dry, flaky skin that was common years ago is less so now. There also are therapeutic diets that.

On a weekend escape to Carmel Valley, I spent my birthday in a Benz, then walked to wine tastings - Los Angeles Times
With that special date looming, I had lots of motivation to sample vino a few months ago during a weekend stay in Carmel Valley. I like this woodsy, laid-back community at the edge of the Santa Lucia Mountains . It's just a dozen miles inland from.

Mucus Or Blood In Dog's Stool Or Blood In Urine: What Does It Mean? - DogTime
You should note any other symptoms such as weakness, lethargy, changes in diet or drinking, changes in thirst or appetite, or behavioral changes. Anything out of the ordinary should be reported to your veterinarian. Your vet may also ask for a stool.

Salisbury Fall Festival returns for 62nd year - Torrington Register Citizen
Sample freshly-baked bread and enjoy delicious apple crisp. Visit the ... Enjoy hot dogs , chili and cornbread, baked potatoes with toppings, and mac 'n cheese—along with delicious apples, popcorn, and fresh cider. ... Or stop in for a drink, enjoy a.

What Your Dog's Poop Tells You - DogTime
weaker smell. Any of these can be normal depending on your dog's diet , so pay attention to what your pup's poop usually looks and smells like. ... If you see white or tan specks in your dog's stool, you should save a sample and bring it to your vet.

Cooking in Confinement: Inside the Kitchen at Chino Prison - L.A. Weekly
Using what looks like a canoe paddle, one man stirs rice while a team of two uses a stepstool to dump mountains of grated cheddar cheese into a neighboring vat. There are eight ... For each general-population inmate with no specific diet requirements.

Medicinal marijuana stops seizures, brings hope to a little Black Forest girl
low-carbohydrate diet that required Paige to precisely weigh and measure foods and keep an Excel spreadsheet of data. "So a meal would be like mayonnaise and oil, and a slice of grape and a hot dog," Paige says. For awhile, the diet controlled the seizures.

18 of the Easiest Dog Breeds to Train
Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility. Dogs need a safe environment and a nutritious diet. They need veterinary care ... s energy to keep his behavior under control. The Bernese mountain dog is a friendly breed that takes to training easily.