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The animals most likely to go missing according to NZ's first pet detective -
quot;Huskies and Alaskan malamutes are programmed to walk many miles a day and will venture a lot further if they go missing . Huskies will cover a lot of ... Using her knowledge of over 300 breeds of dogs and cats , Denize set up Inspector Spot, where a mix.

SCRAPS and Spokane Police investigate possible attempted cat luring
A possible attempted cat luring is being investigated ... more than 45 Seattle based companies have relocated to Spokane. Spokane is on the up with more amenities coming every day, and since 2010 Spokane's population has increased 3.1 percent from 209.

How Soon Would Your Pet Eat You If You Died? - Big Think
Things would be so much simpler if we could converse with our pets and really know for certain how they think and what they feel. As it is, we're always left squinting at the dividing line between understanding and anthropomorphism. And we're left.

F1 - L.Hamilton "We had a beautiful day today"
LH: These guys have been amazing. Since 2012 this crowd has been growing year on year. We had a beautiful day ... One car and all I can tell you is it’s the greatest experience and feeling in the world and I wouldn’t be here without my family.

$2.3 million went missing from Wake Register of Deeds office, insurance claim shows - News & Observer
A total of $2.3 million in cash went missing from the Wake County Register of Deeds office over a nine-year period, records show. Wake County reported that total in a claim filed with its insurance company Monday. The claim shows that large sums of.

Where have all the insects gone? - Science Magazine
quot;I used to have to wash my car all the time. It was always covered with insects." Lately, Martin Sorg, an entomologist here, has seen the opposite: "I drive a Land Rover, with the aerodynamics of a refrigerator, and these days it stays clean. ... "If.

China's Gruesome Dog Meat Festival Has Been Canceled, Say Activists - TIME
BREAKING: Dog meat sales banned at China's Yulin festival in milestone victory to end brutal mass slaughter of dogs ... Humane Society International.

Meatwad, Missing 2 Legs and 1 Ear, Is a “Blur of White Fluff” - Catster
He's a special needs cat who was born without his back legs, lost an ear during his days as a stray, gained an overbite, definitely has a dapper mustache going on, might be growing a unicorn horn, and is blessed with an Adult Swim-referential name.

Local family reunited with missing cat after 10 years: 'There's no way!' - MyPalmBeachPost
Someone came in while we were sleeping.” While nothing appeared to have been taken, Briand did lose two important things - her cats , Mimi and Fifi. “A year and a half later, I got a voice mail from a woman who said 'I think I have your cat ,' meaning.

Shelter cat beaten to death in Shoreline
A one-year-old exotic Savannah cat named Quixote was missing from his outside cat cabin Tuesday morning when volunteers arrived. The padlock was gone, and the metal cage ... “The homeless need a home…just not my backyard, not Richmond Beach.”.

'Stunning, amazing' teenager taken to concert as treat by stepdad dies with him in Manchester blast -
Family and friends searched for days for the pair. Deborah Hutchinson wrote on Facebook: " My daughter Courtney Boyle and partner Philip Tron have gone missing tonight in a attack at Manchester tonight please share and help find them I need them home&nbsp.

Long-lost cat back with family eight years after going missing
A FAMILY cat-astrophe has had ... turned up eight years after going missing. When Silvie the purebred British shorthair couldn’t be found in 2009, the Crossland family of Yarra Glen were heartbroken their pet of eight months was gone.