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Howard County's health-conscious pet owners turn to an array of specialty food - Baltimore Sun
Her store of choice: Whole Pet Central, a small chain that specializes in healthy, natural pet food and opened a shop in Oakland Mills last year. Villanueva and her boyfriend have a 3-month-old dachshund named Gunner, and they .... The pet food in.

Homemade dog food recipes can be risky business, study finds
In what is thought to be the largest ever nutritional evaluation of recipes for home-prepared dog foods ... prepare their dogs' food at home because they feel they have better control over the animals' diet, want to provide a more natural food or simply.

The joy of eggs – how 'nature's multivitamin' shook off the scare stories - The Guardian
their near-magical cooking properties, but also as a two-fingered salute to a dogmatic government dietetic establishment that has pumped taxpayers' money into convincing us that this most perfect of natural foods is something we should restrict.

Heard of Doga? Lance Bass Talks Dog Yoga and His New Show 90's House - Parade
Now Bass is teaming up with Natural Balance to share the benefits of quality pet food , and that, along with a healthy diet , exercise is just as important. To celebrate the ... What differences did you notice after making the switch to Natural Balance.

Mitigating the Risks of High Blood Sugar - WholeFoods Magazine
“Considering the delicate nature of blood vessels in the brain and how easily they can be damaged by inflammation, it's easy to see a relationship between blood sugar levels and the processes that could be responsible for cognitive disabilities.

Like a Whole Foods store for your dog? Pet food goes upscale - The San Diego Union-Tribune
This year, the APPA has estimated spending for the entire pet industry to reach an all-time high of $69.36 billion, with food making up the largest portion — $29.69 billion, or 42.8 percent. Even during the recession years of 2008-2010, spending.

Puppy's sickness inspires natural pet food business - The San Luis Obispo Tribune
So it's sort of a full circle thing for Lavin to be operating a natural pet food business out of his home in the Pennyhill Terrace area of Wilmington at the end of his working career. ... "It will always be my hands making it," Lavin said. Junior.

Applaws expands premium pet food range in Woolies - FOOD Magazine - Australia
There is nothing else on the pet food shelves like this,” he said. The company promises natural products, grain-free dry food and only the finest quality of meat. The recipes do not contain fillers, additives or preservatives. All the ingredients used.

PetSmart® Opens New Store in Elk River, Minn. - Business Wire (press release)
This food type is the fastest growing in the overall pet food category and includes brands such as Only Natural Pet ®, a natural pet brand featuring holistic, paleo-inspired natural foods and wholesome high-protein recipes that are dehydrated, freeze.

Gut fungi might be linked to obesity and inflammatory bowel disorders - Science News
Gale's team also discovered that relationships between bacteria and fungi changed when mice's diets were changed. Her team can't yet show a direct connection between the composition of gut fungi and obesity, but suspects that shifting interactions.

Rottweiler's puppy sickness inspires natural pet food business out of Wilmington kitchen - The News Journal
So it's sort of a full circle thing for Lavin to be operating a natural pet food business out of his home in the Pennyhill Terrace area of Wilmington at the end of his working career. ... “It will always be my hands making it,” Lavin said. Junior.

Top 15 Best Grain-Free Dog Food Brands 2017
If you really want to be sure what goes into your dog’s food, you can always try out our top five best homemade dog food recipes and make ... food is also packed with natural meats and lots of vegetables for a well balanced diet. If you are looking.

Pet care: Dr. Fox shares his home-prepared dog food recipe
For dogs less than 30 pounds and for overweight and less-active dogs, use only 1 cup of uncooked rice in the recipe. Transition your dog onto this new diet gradually. Mix increasing amounts of your dog’s new food with ... and safest natural tooth cleaner.