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How to Prepare Your Dog For Your New Baby
To learn more about the complex relationship between dogs and children, we talked with Andrea Arden of Andrea Arden Dog Training, one of the most respected dog training schools in the country, about training, behavior, and pups of both species. Want to get.

How to Train Your Dog for Therapy Service
and they can help other people feel the same expansive dog love with a little training. Training your dog to be a therapy dog means they’ll be able bring joy to children who are stuck in the hospital, provide companionship for older folks, and comfort.

How Training a Man and Training a Puppy Aren't that Different
I started out writing this article as a comparison between training your man and training your puppy. Then I realized that even though I don’t mean it that way, there is no possible way to make that comparison without someone, or almost everyone thinking.

How to Stop Dog Marking
If I could list the top five problem canine behaviors that drive dog parents to the brink of despair, scent marking would be high on that list. Even though scent marking is a very normal and common behavior outside, particularly in male dogs, dog marking.

Training Tips for Shelter or Rescue Dogs
Dogs adopted from a dog rescue or animal shelter can make wonderful pets. No matter the reason they landed in the shelter, with a little time, patience, and training, shelter dogs can become happy, well-adjusted family members. Take some time to learn how.

Dog Obedience Training Cost: How Much You Can Expect to Spend
The cost of dog obedience training varies; group classes are less expensive than private sessions with professional trainers. Pet owners should ask about what kinds of services are included in the cost before spending money. Local community centers.

How to Involve Kids in Training the Family Dog
Just make sure that your child knows the clicker is a dog training tool, and not a toy. You will need a supply of dog treats, which your child will give to his dog as a reward for following the command. Just make sure your child doesn’t over do it.

How a 20 Something Year Old Celebrity Dog Trainer Is Disrupting the Dog Training Industry
All Things Pups founder Kaelin Munkelwitz has announced the release of her new Book “The Puppy Training Handbook”. Excitement surrounding the new book is high. "If you want to learn how to raise the dog of your dreams," commented Munkelwitz about her.

The dogs of death row: How rescue pets give inmates a sense of 'normal life' on the inside through obedience training program
Through Paws in Prison, which was set up a year-and-a-half ago, inmates save dogs from being euthanized by training them in basic obedience so that they can be adopted. And in a heartwarming video, it's clear the prisoners learn a thing or two from the.

Five Problems That Can Arise When Clicker-training Your Dog, And How To Avoid Them
Clicker training is one of the most comprehensive and effective methods of training a dog by means of conditioning them to recognise the sound of a clicker as a reward, which provides positive feedback when the dog does something right and helps to guide.