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Booming legal Amazon wildlife trade documented in new report -
A new report produced by the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), UK, identifies the major export routes for millions of animals and plants — from live parrots to caiman skins to orchids — being traded around the world.

My lifelong quest to see a manta ray – and the private island on which it finally ended -
Near Mirihi Island Resort, where I was going, the critical week is in early December when females begin to arrive for the mating season . This was when I arrived too, touching down in ... As it came closer, it turned out to be a mobula ray or “devil.

Vulnerable Seychelles Black Parrot hatchlings take to the skies - Seychelles News Agency
Seychelles News Agency) - Every year in the palm forests of Praslin, the second-largest island on the archipelago of Seychelles, a group of birds is monitored very closely during their breeding and hatching seasons. ... The Seychelles Islands.

Humans had to evolve to acknowledge octopus consciousness - Quartz
“They have no bones, three hearts, blue blood, a beak like a parrot , venom like a snakes. They can pour their ... “Their strangely repulsive appearance, and the fictional stories of their attacks, have built up in the popular mind a picture of the.

Can we eat our way out of the lionfish invasion? - Christian Science Monitor
But in all likelihood, exotic pet owners discarded enough of the popular aquarium fish in the Atlantic over the years a breeding population developed. In the 30 years since the first lionfish was spotted off the coast of Florida, the species has spread.

In Puerto Rico, a Hopeful Sight: Endangered Parrot Spotted - euronews
Before the hurricane, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had counted 56 to 60 parrots , the highest number of the parrots since 1967, thanks to a program to restore the species. But then ... "The aviary must be ready for next breeding season ," Veléz.

Day in Photos: October 13, 2017 - News18
A woman was caught smuggling 51 live tropical fish hidden in a specially designed apron under her skirt while travelling on a flight from Singapore to Melbourne, Australia. Customs officers became suspicious after hearing "flipping" noises coming from.

In Puerto Rico, a Hopeful Sight: Endangered Parrot Spotted After Hurricane Maria -
WASHINGTON — Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico about one month ago, a team of scientists has trekked daily into El Yunque National Forest hoping to pick up signs or sounds of endangered Puerto Rican Parrots . Their habitat stripped of ... Before.

Minecraft Patching Out Controversial Parrot Feeding Mechanic - Kotaku
In Minecraft, players feed chocolate chip cookies to parrots to train them or coax them into mating . On Reddit, a very concerned Minecraft citizen explained that, actually, feeding chocolate to parrots can kill them. “Literally millions of kids will.

New study analyzes why endangered parrot population isn't recovering
Courtesy U.S. Fish and ... factor in the parrot population's bottleneck is the failure of mature adult birds to mate and breed. "More research is needed to understand this 'social dysfunction' that is causing individuals of breeding age to hold back.

The most unusual in the world of animal hybrids. Photo - (press release)
Colors the hybrid still went to the mother, but the larger and first known citofen, a female named Kekaimalu was born 15 may 1985 and at birth weighed 20 kg and her length was 114 cm, But already at the age of ten she has reached 272 kg, while its.

Eating the enemy - Connect
They've also decimated the parrotfish population that keeps the algae that attacks coral reefs under control, leading to the extinction of even more species. A rack of venomous spines deters ... Legend has it that an aquarium full of these flamboyant.

Fishermen Reaping the Benefits of Fish Sanctuary - Government of Jamaica, Jamaica Information Service
It acts as a breeding ground for a variety of reef fish including snapper, parrot and doctor fish and houses mangroves, sea grass, coral reef and a river. The primary objective of the sanctuary is to create a 'no fishing zone' to protect the breeding.

Meet the World's Most Expensive Pet Fish - National Geographic
Emily Voigt had no idea that she would be pulled into a world of shady deals and smuggling when she began investigating the Asian arowana, the world's most expensive aquarium fish . Traveling to 15 countries, she ... It is a fierce predator dating back.

Too pricey but it's pure hobby, there's nothing fishy about it - Times of India
KOLKATA: If you thought Bengalis love fish only on their platter, sample this. NGO activist Avik Bhaduri has spent Rs 8 lakh to decorate his aquarium with 40 exotic fishes . Government employee Arunava Sharma's collection is even bigger. Though he has&nbsp.