Parrot Head Bobbing Behavior


BOB PRATTE: Parrot owners beg to give away birds
They typically are sent to parrot rescue organizations rather than offered for adoption because of the worry they could be picked up only to be quickly sold. The most memorable parrot that arrived at a county shelter was a Mexican red head called Jorge and.

The King (of Cockatoos): Side-splitting video shows a parrot head-bobbing to an Elvis serenade – and it even has Presley’s hairstyle
As the guitarist strums his rendition of Elvis Presley's 'Don't Be Cruel' the cockatoo starts bobbing his head along to the rhythm. The bird quickly becomes quite excited, unleashing its elaborate plumage and stepping over to the other parrot to get it to.

Minds of Their Own
She brought a one-year-old African gray parrot she named Alex into ... Good birdie,” Alex said, bobbing on her hand. “Yes, you’re a good boy. You’re a good birdie.” And she kissed his feathered head. He was a good birdie until the end, and.

The Same Old Song: Wall Street’s repeatedly discredited but endlessly repeated arguments for financial deregulation
If it succeeds, its member banks will be free to revert to many of the heads-we-win-tails-you-lose practices that ... the Roundtable skips past the subject of Wall Street’s past behavior, claiming – again without credible evidence – that the rules.

For Nigel the parrot, a new accent on his squawking points
When last seen four years ago, Nigel the African gray parrot had a distinctively crisp British accent ... At other times, he'd say "no problema" and bob his head and dance when he saw salsa on TV. "We think someone had this bird between the first owner.

Parrot Body Language
Wing flipping is a behavior with multiple meanings including: pain or anger, or a desire to rearrange the feathers so they’re “just right”. Wing flipping accompanied by hunching shoulders and head bobbing ... a happy Senegal Parrot lying on its.

Behavior tips for an aggressive parrot
I have the scars to prove how difficult the process was, but, by the time I was done with him, he had turned into a big baby, allowing head scratches and cuddling ... but I have been looking for ways to train a parrot that will take me out of the line.

Dancing Animals Help Tell Us Why Music Evolved
The question has turned into a burgeoning scientific field—one that looks at everything from boy-band-loving cockatoos to head-bobbing sea lions—with implications ... And that's why I tested the theory with the parrot and why I'm so interested in.

Winnie the parrot's new name fits the bill / Decadelong bird visitor is a fussy eater, jealous too
Berkeley's free parrot of ... of my real mate, Bob. Recently she was about to fly away after a long visit when he came up and put a hand on my shoulder. Winnie turned around on her platform, marched back to her perch and bent her head close to mine.

Function of head-bobbing behavior in diving little grebes.
In HBS, grebes tended to dive with longer stroke length and smaller stroke frequency than in non-bobbing stroke. This suggests that the behavior, which is related to vision, affects the kinematic stroke parameters. This clarification of underwater head.