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Jimmy Kimmel Got a Hand From Chuck Schumer in His Fight Against Obamacare Repeal
Over the past week, opposition to the latest Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare has been driven by a late-night talk show host who had expressed little interest in health care policy prior ... guidance and info about the bill, as well.

Iowa Parrot Rescue center needs more volunteers
LETTS (AP) - There are no rainforests in Letts, but the Iowa Parrot Rescue center in this rural ... Some are permanent fixtures, such as Cosmo, a 21-year-old Patagonian conure, the second parrot the couple owned. The first, Beaker, died of a stroke five.

The Best Drones For Under $150? Parrot Mambo and Parrot Swing
Of course when talking about drones, you want to see them in action, so please watch our hands-on video of the best drones for under $150 in 2016 - Parrot ... While our hands-on review focused on the Parrot Mambo and Parrot Swing, there are plenty of.

PARROT BEBOP 2 POWER: Go beyond the boundaries
Thanks to that you are fully focused on the piloting and the Parrot Bebop 2 Power takes care of everything else ... Similar to a heads-up display, information from the flight are highlighted in front of you (e.g. altitude, speed, distance and level.

Parrot rescue needs volunteers
Some are permanent fixtures, such as Cosmo, a 21-year-old patagonian conure, the second parrot the Hutchisons have owned ... The Hutchisons also provide rehabilitative care for birds that have been injured or troubled. Lifestyle changes, such as marriage.

What Do Parrots Find Sexy?
Is a parrot sexy in the eyes of ... immunity, parental care abilities, and breeding success — all key things to know if you’re in the market for a mate. In a study of wild Burrowing Parrots in Patagonia, Argentina, researchers found that the more.

Police: Man ripped off nuns for petty cash
He either didn't realize how many cameras were trained on him or he didn't care. But ... that no one was hurt," added Parrot."That's the main thing and that's really the greater concern." Police ask anyone with information about the burglar to contact.

Mining project near Patagonia could impact greater SC County
If Arizona Mining’s plan to extract minerals in the Patagonia Mountains moves forward, its impact could be felt across Santa Cruz County, not just the nearby Town of Patagonia, according to information ... dental and eye care. “We hire as local as.

Help for Puerto Rico hurricane victims: Open hearts, wallets
Looking ahead: Yvon Chouinard, the founder and owner of outdoor-clothing company Patagonia, recently capsulized the fallacy ... or overcome many other obstacles to becoming self-sufficient. For more info, visit A.J. Marsden, assistant.

09-15 Church Calendar
Covers basic guitar care and amp maintenance ... Casual dress. Info: 443-521-0835. Presbyterian Church of Easton, organ recital. 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 17. Organist Wesley Parrot will perform on the church’s three manual Moller pipe organ.