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From puppy to senior: how to care for your dog
Vets divide dogs’ lives into four main stages: growing dog ... puppy, your pet has an awful lot to learn about its new environment – and your job is to make sure it does it safely. Do not give your pup the opportunity to run on to roads or get lost.

Bengals' 'Pacman' Jones back after 1-game NFL suspension
The cornerback served a one-game ... puppy poop. CDC advises people wash their hands thoroughly after touching dogs, their poop, or their food; take extra care that children playing with the puppies also wash their hands carefully; pick up and dispose of.

DOG GONE: Couple searches for puppy lost in trainer's care
LAWRENCE β€” Sean Devan and his girlfriend, Jenaya Butler, were thrilled to adopt a dachshund puppy ... was when he lost the dog. With help from area businesses, they've viewed surveillance tapes taken in the area that day. But still, no sign of Buddy.

Dog lost in Lonsdale is more than a pet to family
The family had put him in the care of a local sitter while they attended a wedding, and the puppy ... dog owners should have a game plan when their dog goes missing. She said time is of the essence. And it takes a lot of time to find resources, such as the.

Evacuating for an emergency can stress your pet
Animals who are normally very bonded to their people can escape and be lost. One should ... as if the animal were a puppy or kitten to help them regain normal skills and behaviors. Pet Connection is produced by a team of pet-care experts headed by.

How Warriors helped displaced animals due to Hurricane Irma
OAKLAND – The small puppy shivered ... to get a dog for his wife and four children once he finds more stability entering his 15th NBA season. After playing with the Warriors for the past two years, Pachulia admitted he would like to have a pet.

HdG Dog Park To Celebrate One-Year Anniversary
The event at K-9 Cody Dog Park ... Life honors care-giving canines and helps raise funds for and awareness about cancer. It includes a 1-mile walk followed by games, demonstrations and candle lighting opportunities to memorialize lost pets.

29 Powerful Women Reveal Their Success Secrets, Leadership Tips & The Awful Advice They Didn't Take
There's nothing like some caca on my stiletto to let me know that I need to step up my game.” Can you tell us about the last ... year has to do with cultivating gratitude. Two years ago, I lost my husband, Dave Goldberg. I thought that my children.

The 19 best things we've ever bought our pets
I know it’s great to have pets, and I know from experience how invested I was in their happiness. And I figured: The more you care ... we delayed buying dog toys for a while and every stuffed animal in the house became fair game for "tug.

How your pet's illness could put your mental health at risk
If you ask most veterinarians the hardest thing they do, it's telling the senior man or woman that comes in, having just lost ... sign of insanity, and the ones who did talk to her, they would say, 'It's just a dog.' " Nowadays, however, a grieving pet.