Phodopus Dwarf Hamster Care


Adapting to alcohol: Dwarf hamster (Phodopus campbelli) ethanol consumption, sensitivity, and hoard fermentation.
In Experiment 1, dwarf hamsters (Phodopus campbelli) with ad libitum access to food and water consumed high amounts of unsweetened alcohol solutions. Their consumption of 15%, but not 30%, ethanol was reduced when they were fed a high-fat diet; a high.

Hamsters are great pets, but not for young kids
The fact that hamsters are nocturnal and need opportunities to burrow and climb ... According to, the five most commonly kept hamster species are the Syrian, dwarf, Campbell's dwarf, white winter and the Roborovski dwarf.

Hamsters Are Happier When They Have Toys
From networks of tubes to running wheels and plastic balls, pet hamsters get all the best accessories. And, it turns out, they probably appreciate it. A new study has found that hamsters with enriched living conditions – including cushy bedding.

I wanted my son to adopt a hamster because small animals need help, too
Miriam Porter is an award-winning journalist living in Toronto with her son and many rescued furry friends. She believes it's important to be the voice for the voiceless and advocates for the rights of children and animals. Her articles.

Top 10 Best Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse Cages
Though the only rodents in my care right now are a pair of troublemaking chinchillas ... For the most part, a cage that works for mice will also work for dwarf hamsters, though they tend to prefer a little more room. A Syrian hamster, which is the largest.

At the Hamster Hilton, a Little T.L.C. for the Furry Ones
Ms. Wells, whose previous experience with pets was limited to dogs, has over the past year relieved more than a dozen people of hamsters they could no longer support or tolerate. She has found homes for 15 hamsters and has taken care of more than 40.

Guide to buying a hamster
Are the kids begging for a pet, but you’re not ready to invest the time needed to care ... hamster before you head to the store. There are different types of hamsters. Syrian hamsters, also known as Golden hamsters, are three to four times larger than.

This tiny backflipping dwarf hamster looks like it's having the time of its life
Youtube user Ivan Ivanovich uploaded the video of the seemingly ‘broken’ hamster having the time of its life backflipping in and out of his food bowl surrounded by its brothers and sisters. The cute little Russian dwarf hamster looks like it’s stuck.

Hamsters: King of Pets
They are slightly cheaper to care for than children ... There are two types of hamsters sold as pets – the six-inch Golden (or Syrian) hamster, and the smaller dwarf hamster. The Golden hamster is the one you remember from childhood.