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Pit Bulls Are Chiller Than Chihuahuas - The Atlantic
The American Pit Bull Terrier—a breed often portrayed as highly aggressive —consistently ranked as one of the least aggressive dogs , with the exception being toward new dogs , where it was still below Miniature Schnauzers. This could be because pit.

Pit bull adopted from county shelter kills woman's 5-pound Yorkie - The San Diego Union-Tribune
no chance. Hours after the county of San Diego adopted out a pit bull named Lyla, the new dog in the house grabbed Jack by the throat, shook him violently and the toothless terrier died the next day. ... “I am the owner of the Yorkie and I did not.

LETTER: Pit bull training key to dog’s behavior
In response to the story on the mandatory sterilization of pit bulls (“Riverside ... and most eager-to-please dogs I’ve ever had. He loves people even though he was abused. I now have him in an excellent dog-training class so that he’ll become.

Dog elected mayor of Kentucky town for a fourth term - AOL
For the fourth time, small Kentucky town elects a dog as mayor WDRB.

Pit bull puppy dies after being shot in Murfreesboro - WKRN.com
WKRN) – Police in Murfreesboro responded to what they thought was a case of dog fighting, but it turns out a family pet had been shot. The pit bull puppy named Rocco died. He was only 9 months old and its owner said he was never aggressive to anyone.

Utah Woman Struggles to Cuddle With Foster Dog and Her 11 Puppies in Viral Video - ABC News
Utah mother of five Stevoni Doyle told ABC News that her foster dog Grayce gave birth on Sunday, three weeks after she welcomed the pit bull into her Spanish Fork, Utah , home. Doyle, 39, is part of a ... and he couldn't handle it. He wanted these.

Nebraska rescue helping to save pit bull and her 7 puppies from euthanasia in Texas - Omaha World-Herald
Larson, who lives in Council Bluffs, founded Muddy Paws in January 2015. On top of its rescue efforts the group offers veterinary and training assistance to current pet owners who may be considering giving up their dogs . The goal is to prevent the dogs.

Waterville dog attack sends man to the hospital with 'horrendous' bite marks - Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
WATERVILLE — A man was sent to the hospital with “horrendous” bite marks after he was attacked and injured by his dog Friday morning on Front Street, police said. The attack occurred on 84 Front St. around 11 a.m. Friday. According to Waterville.

Verify: Are pit bulls the most dangerous dog? - WBIR-TV
“With any dog that's being aggressive , despite its breed, any dog in that situation is going to bite and hold,” Jessica says. “So, it's not just pit bulls ?” I ask. “Right. It's not breed specific to pit bulls ,” says Jessica. She says the pit bull has a.

Pit bull attack highlights a problem in Nevada - Las Vegas Review-Journal
The first time was by my neighbor's unleashed pitbull mix dog , resulting in 17 stitches to my throat. The second incident was 11 months ago while on a walk with my small leashed dog . An unleashed German Shepherd-type brutally attacked my dog and nearly&nbsp.