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Furbo and Amazon's Alexa Work to Help Alleviate Pets' Separation Anxiety - Pet Age
Furbo, a dog camera and treat dispenser designed to connect pet parents and pups from afar, recently announced the launch of an Amazon Alexa skill developed to help dog owners train their pets and decrease separation anxiety. The first dog camera.

Dog Training Using Positive Reinforcement
From time to time, I hope to write an article here describing some dog training techniques. Dog training using positive reinforcement is one ... A tool used frequently with positive reinforcement is the clicker. A clicker is just a device that makes.

Chicken Clicker Training (or Clicker Training Anything Else, Too)
It is your contract to the training venue. For instance, I used to have a very bad habit of holding a class dog's leash in the same hand as my clicker ... and to associate the sound with the yummy. As soon as she is associating the noise with.

Is Clicker Training the Most Effective Way to Train Dogs? - Psychology Today (blog)
All of the dogs successfully learned the basic task, and almost all of the dogs completed both the simple and the complex test tasks regardless whether the marker was a clicker sound , a spoken word, or a visual signal. Because the experiment was being&nbsp.

Chicken clicker classes offer participants training skills, chicken enrichment
Tired of trying to teach your old dog a new trick? Try training ... At the sound of the clicker, “they come running at full speed, which is hilarious to watch,” says Cobb. She’s even been able to apply the positive reinforcement skills to teach.

Snakes on a Plain: Aversion Training in San Clemente Helps Dogs Alert Owners of Venomous Serpents - San Clemente Times
Waymond “Rusty” Debreceni, the owner and lead trainer of W.D. Dog Training and Rattlesnake Aversion Training, has been conducting classes for more than 17 years to help dogs identify rattlesnakes. On Saturday, July 29, ... “We train (the dogs) on sight.

How To Clicker Train A Raptor (Or Any Other Animal)
So, you ask your dog to sit, it puts its butt ... associate the pleasure or displeasure of the reinforcement with the behavior.” In the case of animal training, you’re using the clicker to communicate a positive reinforcement immediately upon the.

Positive Reinforcement vs. Positive Thinking (And Why Pollyanna Would've Sucked at Dog Training)
The kind of dog training I do ... Some call it "science-based" training, or "clicker training," or "progressive reinforcement training" (the latter term even has an entire branded manifesto). Most commonly, it is called "positive reinforcement training.

Pets in the City: How to Make Apartment Living Work for You and Your Pup - NBC Southern California
The most important thing to know about training your new pup, according to Petco dog trainer Chloe Sternlicht, is that dogs respond best to positive reinforcement . So be patient when Fido makes a mistake and smother him with praise and treats when he.

Deaf pooch in need of home comes with money for sign-language training - The Denver Post
“This was a dog that came in from Kansas, unbeknown she was deaf,” Lee said. “It's amazing that she even got over the state line.” Red will need an owner with the patience needed to train her, who uses positive reinforcement to assure she understands&nbsp.

Think Cats Can't Be Trained? Oh, How Wrong You Are - Huffington Post
Martin uses only positive reinforcement (no spray bottles for her), and mainly uses two techniques — whistle training and clicker training . Whistle training involves getting a ... When Martin had to train a cat to pull the trigger on a gun for a movie.