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The Chew: 'Adopt a Shelter Dog' Month - ARL now
Adopting an adult dog from a shelter allows you to bypass the puppy teething stage and often the potty - training process as well. ... Mutts tend to be hardier, often enjoying a lower risk of joint, spine, heart and organ problems than many purebreds. In.

A kiss hello from a pet isn't always welcome - Manawatu Standard
The list of common complaints for new kitten owners is much shorter and is usually limited to toilet training - and teasing the dog of course. We can't deal with all these problems today so we'll start with jumping. There are several tips to correcting.

Why it's not a great idea to bring home 2 puppies at once - Mother Nature Network
First, puppies are a lot of work. Potty training alone takes a ton of time. Having two puppies might make for more restful nights, but it just means double the time spent training your new charges to potty outside. It also means twice the time spent.

A month for man's best friend - Lodi News-Sentinel
Very young puppies and kittens need to be bottle-fed every few hours, which is a lot of work, Bender said. Still, the Lodi Animal Shelter works hard to avoid unnecessary euthanization. “We're the lowest euthanasia rate in San Joaquin County,” she said.

Dog Gone Problems: German shorthaired pointer puppy won't go outside without owner - Omaha World-Herald (blog)
Training a dog to stay is one of the most overlooked commands out there. Not only can it be extremely helpful in day-to-day life, if your dog is in a dangerous situation, it can save his life. Additionally, it will help your dog develop self control.

Dog Gone Problems: I need help potty training a Yorkie mix
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How to Stop Dog Marking
You can tell scent marking from a normal toileting issue by the amount of urine eliminated. Dogs with potty problems usually produce larger amounts of urine than dogs who mark. Scent markers like to deposit little bits of urine in many different places so.

Evacuating for an emergency can stress your pet - Sacramento Bee
It's not unusual for pets in these situations to break house - training , stop using the litter box, vocalize more than normal, hide or behave aggressively, even if they have been reunited with their family. They may ... “The puppy was very confused for.

4 Smart Fixes for Your Biggest Puppy Potty Training Problems - GoodHousekeeping.com
When a crate is too roomy, pups often sleep on one side and eliminate on the other, explains Travis Brorsen, a celebrity dog trainer. Find a crate that's only big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in (try one with a divider panel that.

Vickie Mullins pens fundraising book about life with her beloved Dalmatian, Dexter - cleveland.com
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- About 10 years ago, Vickie Versace Mullins of Cleveland was pondering which puppy she wanted from a litter of Dalmatians when she learned that one of the pups was completely deaf and destined to be put to sleep. ... The early days of.