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Your Dog’s Cousins May Surprise You…Regardless Of Breed
New genetic research has shown some surprising connections in the ways dog breeds are related to each other. Genetic information from 1346 dogs representing ... For example, the Pug was brought to Europe in the 1500s in order to shrink other breeds.

Teacher's Pet: How to interpret dogs' tail wags
We must also consider that, through breeding or tail docking, some dogs have tails whose shape makes it more difficult to read (e.g., a pug’s corkscrew or a husky ... individual replies to emails. The information presented here may not be applicable.

Grandma ‘completely devastated’ to find grandson after dog attack
Mushanski said she and her husband got custody of Cameron when he was two months old and he had grown up around dogs ever since. She said Cameron’s own dog, a pug ... are a distinct breed that are typically taller and heavier. Breed information from.

Nationwide® to Honor Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claim of the Year
a pug who ate and subsequently passed more than 100 rocks; Peanut, a dachshund-terrier mix who survived a fierce squabble with a skunk; and Winnie, a mixed-breed dog who swallowed two pounds of uncooked onion rings. "Our annual Hambone Award is a great.

What to ask when buying a puppy privately
If a seller is not willing to provide the information listed in the Puppy Contract or allow you to see the puppy interacting with its mother, then you should walk away otherwise you risk perpetuating irresponsible dog breeding and lining the pockets of.

Pug Party: 10 Random, Adorable Facts About Pugs
I wouldn’t be surprised if this dog takes out a restraining order against me at some point. My love for Belushi made me want to write something pug-related, and I was reading up about these little dogs I thought, Hey, why not a list of fun pug facts.

Hemsley Conservation Centre has pygmy slow loris, skunk and other fascinating animals
Adam, who finally has a dog after adopting a puggle (a pug cross ... as part of a European breeding programme. "If an animal has bred, like the black tailed marmoset bred at Longleat, they are often moved to other centres to stop inbreeding.

New research reveals prevalence of health conditions in UK’s dog population
The breed with greater prevalence of the third highest number of reported conditions was the Pug ... all health concerns in dogs are identified through evidence-based criteria and that breeders are provided with appropriate information and resources.

How Extreme Dog Breeding Has Brought Untold Suffering to 'Man's Best Friend'
Now look at a photo of another of the breed ... that dog’s nostrils back into its head, and that is what they have done for the bulldog, Pekingese, and the pug,” he says. “These dogs have trouble breathing.” While the problems created by inbreeding.

Let’s Talk About Professional and Responsible Dog Breeding
Breeders must have a working knowledge of genetics since dog breeding is essentially genetic restriction to a unifying standard. Professional breeders practice: Inbreeding, the mating of rather close relatives Linebreeding, when there’s at least one dog.