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OCD breakthrough: Scientists discover the genes that could trigger the disorder offering hope of a new treatment for ... - Daily Mail
The genes that could cause obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) have been identified by scientists in a breakthrough that could lead to a new form of therapy. The condition, suffered by a host of celebrities including David Beckham, forces people to act.

It's a Fact: Supreme Court Errors Aren't Hard to Find - ProPublica
Maine requires that first cousins obtain a physician's certificate of genetic counseling about health risks to children before receiving a marriage license. A minority of states, 19, permit the practice without limits. At the time Kennedy wrote the.

Chemists are uncovering how and why marine organisms synthesize flame-retardant-like molecules - Chemical & Engineering News
Christopher Reddy vividly remembers the first time he heard about a perplexing organohalogen compound found by researchers in seabird eggs along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, as well as in the Great Lakes region. He was sitting in the audience at an&nbsp.

Subjective Memory Complaints Tied to Tau - Alzforum
Using tau- PET imaging in healthy older adults, Rebecca Amariglio and colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital in Charlestown found that SCD correlated most strongly with the presence of neurofibrillary tangles in the entorhinal cortex, and to a.

Gene therapy helped these children see. Can it transform medicine?
It wasn’t until the dog model worked that we could be ... with the energy it needs to survive. Because of a genetic mutation, these “mitochondria” do not produce enough fuel in the cells that form the optic nerve, resulting in their death.

Returning to Second Life - Ars Technica
Believe it or not, the platform today enjoys a healthy community. Not only ... But this has taken a wide variety of forms today. For example, I spoke with Second Life user Daemon Blackflag, who creates virtual pet games on the platform. In his work.

The Genetics of Pooched-Out Pooches - New York Times
In one of the first GOdogs projects Raffan undertook, she initially analyzed the DNA of more than 300 Labradors, the breed with the most extensively documented risk of obesity, using the dogs' saliva samples, some of which were sent by pet owners as.

Northwest Indiana hospitals invest in breast cancer services - nwitimes.com
From building new cancer centers to buying the latest in screening technology, Region health care facilities are positioning themselves to treat the country's most common form of cancer. ... Community Healthcare System uses positron emission tomography.

Beware of Turtle: Pet Reptiles Cause Salmonella Outbreak in 13 States - Newsweek
Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Agbeni Infections Linked to Pet Turtles, 2017 | Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella ... Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It Matters Where Your Dog Came From - The Bark (blog)
They provide health guarantees and do appropriate genetic and orthopedic testing of both parents. The author of this article didn't say that someone should only rescue. She simply said that puppies from responsible breeders are more likely to have a.

PBS's Documentary 'The Gene Doctors' Arrives Amid A Gene Therapy Boom - Forbes
This month, PBS is airing a documentary called The Gene Doctors that spotlights several emerging gene therapies, including Spark Therapeutics' Luxturna, a treatment for a rare form of blindness that won a unanimous thumbs-up last week from an advisory.

Genetic discoveries fuel veterinary medicine
Ricky had another, less-fortunate distinction: he suffered from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most common form ... to pet health and disease. They’ve begun to identify the genes responsible for certain inherited diseases and create genetic tests.

This New Alzheimer's Test Looks Beyond a Single Problem Gene - WIRED
Their test, like most others out there, looks for variations in a gene that codes for a molecule called apolipoprotein E. The APOE gene comes in three forms : E2, E3, and E4. People who carry one ... Which is why scientists in California have been.

Coddled Puppies Make Poor Guide Dogs, Study Suggests - NPR
It may be more about genetics . The authors point out that high-performing guide dogs are chosen to breed. Puppies raised by rock star guide dogs may go on to perform well in guide dog training because they are genetically predisposed to success, not&nbsp.