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Why we're spending billions of dollars on pets each year - Florida Today
Vet care : $16.62 billion. Live animal purchases: $2.01 billion. Other services: $6.11 billion. Total number of pets owned in the United States. Freshwater fish: 95.5 million. Cats : 85.8 million. Dog: 77.8 million. Small animal: 12.4 million. Reptile: 9.

How to Properly Feed Pygmy Hedgehogs: Protein, Insects, and Vegetables
I adore writing articles about their sensitive care requirements ... Pygmy hedgehogs require a small bowl of dry cat food every night (since they are nocturnal and eat at this time). It is essential that the cat biscuits are high in protein, good quality.

Veterinary clinic opens at a Florida Wal-Mart - VIN News Service
Toward that end, Essentials PetCare provides a limited list of services to dogs and cats : vaccinations, nail trims, microchips and anal-gland expression, along with care for uncomplicated conditions — ear infections, skin problems, eye trouble.

Report explores the PET food market
Major restraint of the market is increase in essential raw materials such as corn ... Incorporated (PCI), Nestle Purina Pet Care, Nisshin Saifun Group INC. Natural Dog Food Company, Halo, purely for Pets, Marukan CO. LTD., Nutrena, and Spectrum Brands.

Looking For The Safest, Healthiest Pet Food? Good Luck With That. - Huffington Post
A week later, the company expanded its recall to include all of its canned dog food, an entire line of canned cat food and treats it had marketed as “health bars. .... Purina is a $12 billion gorilla in the dog and cat food market, second only to Mars.

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Millennials cater more than other groups to their pets' comfort, and spend more money on non- essential pet items. They own more pet clothing and toys and prefer enclosures like crates and kennels that allow for exercise. … “[Our cats ] sleep in our.

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Even if they aren't on a specialty diet — Duckie, for example, eats Purina , while Darvish eats grain-free dry food with the occasional raw egg thrown in — raising a show dog can cost thousands of dollars a year. Allen estimates that she spends.

Canada: anti-caking agent recalled over dioxin concerns - FeedNavigator.com
The product can be used in feed as an inert carrier or anti-caking agent, other uses for the product include as an ammonia control agent, stall or barn deodorizer, pest control agent, soil amendment and in cat litter and other pet care items. “The.

Cats Protection Cat of the Year 2016 - Katzenworld (blog)
A plucky puss who saved the day by waking her family as a fire engulfed their home was crowned overall winner in Cats Protection's National Cat Awards 2016, sponsored by PURINA ®. Five-year-old Tink leapt on to a bed to raise the alarm as a blaze took&nbsp.

Adopt-a-Pet.com Launches “Foster a Hurricane Pet” to Provide Emergency Pet Foster Homes for Families Displaced by ... - Business Wire (press release)
HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Adopt-a-Pet.com, North America's largest non-profit pet adoption website, announced today the launch of Foster a Hurricane Pet (www.fosterahurricanepet.org), the only peer-to-peer online platform to help displaced people&nbsp.

Diabetes Insipidus And Diabetes Mellitus In Dogs: Symptoms & Treatments - DogTime
Diabetes mellitus is treated with daily insulin injections and diet. If your dog has diabetes, your vet will teach you how to give the injections and store the insulin. It's essential to learn exactly when and how much insulin to give, and to stick to.

Some Purina cat food recalled due to low level of thiamine
Nestlé Purina PetCare is voluntarily recalling one ... be at risk for developing a thiamine deficiency. Thiamine is essential for cats. Symptoms of deficiency displayed by an affected cat can be gastrointestinal or neurological in nature.

Purina Navigates China's Complex Market Where Owners Often Cook for Their Pampered Pets - AdAge.com
In China, it's common to see pet dogs out for a walk in fancy booties or faux Burberry outfits. It's another sign of China's swift transformation, since urban pet dogs were uncommon in Chairman Mao Zedong's China, where they were seen as a bourgeois.

Charity that gives out eye glasses gets new mobile clinic - KSDK
Eye Care Charity of Mid-America provides free eye exams and glasses to children throughout the St. Louis area who can't afford them. Michelle Spray is the group's optometrist. "It's essential that children have good vision to perform well in the.

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01-Still-Super- Purina -Pro-Plan, Christie Brinkley-Andrew Courtesy Purina Pro Plan, Andrew Werner PhotographyAt 63 years old, the supermodel-turned-entrepreneur, just graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the ninth time! While she.