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Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins Honor 'Rabbit Fur Coat' LP with Reverent Show in LA - PopMatters
The ladies exited during a jam with Lewis then returning for a solo acoustic rendition of “ Rabbit Fur Coat ”. Then the whole band as well as M. Ward returned for a soaring take on “ Handle With Care ” that saw much of the congregation rise up out of their.

10 Things You Should Know About Rabbits as Pets - Care2.com
2. Bunnies can live a long time. When properly cared for, rabbits can live eight to 12 years or more, so before you take a bunny home, be sure you are ready to provide appropriate pet care — including food, housing, daily attention and veterinary.

Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis Gets Her Wilburys On With Death Cab Frontman
There's even an out-of-left-field cover of "Handle With Care," the 1989 radio hit from AARP all-stars ... and they can analyze the metaphor of the rabbit fur coat all they want, but I'd prefer just to have people interpret it their own way.

Jenny Lewis on 'Rabbit Fur Coat': 'It was the first time for everything'
It was the first time for everything ... With “Rabbit Fur Coat,” I wanted to strip it back to the bare essentials, so you could really hear the stories. One of the songs on the album that attracted the most attention was a rendition of “Handle.

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Uncle Pat taught me another rabbit-hunting technique that has proven very effective over the years. It’s based on the idea that rabbits, being at the bottom of the food chain, are highly nervous animals, and suspense is something they can’t handle very.

Jenny Lewis Plots More 'Rabbit Fur Coat' Dates With Watson Twins
Unlikely duo tackle George Harrison and Roy Orbison's melodies during live "Handle With Care" The 10-date North American trek kicks off September 9th at the State Theatre in Minneapolis and wraps the 22nd at the Masonic in San Francisco. The tour will also.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins Celebrate 10th Anniversary of 'Rabbit Fur Coat' at NYC's Beacon Theatre - Glide Magazine
jennylewis Before I'd seen Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins perform all of 2006's Rabbit Fur Coat , I wouldn't necessarily have considered it a canonical work that merited its own 10th anniversary tour. This wasn't Rumours or Nevermind or even Garbage's&nbsp.

Three siren salute: Female singer-songwriter albums that need another listen - Arizona Daily Sun
Rabbit Fur Coat (2006) by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. This record was the one that got me ... The only misstep is her recording a pedestrian remake of the Travelin' Wilburys' “ Handle With Care ” with Connor Oberst. Otherwise, it's Lewis in top form.

Animals are not - PETA (blog) (press release)
Dogs may have fur coats , but they're not immune to the cold any more than humans wearing coats would be if we had to sit outside on the frozen ground all day and night. Many dogs—including short-haired breeds, young or elderly ones, and small ones.

No Nostalgia: Jenny Lewis on 'Rabbit Fur Coat' Ten Years Later - Noisey
Why ' Rabbit Fur Coat ' Is Still 'Something Magical' for Jenny Lewis Village Voice.