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Birder, scuba diver - or both? Borneo's Danum Valley offers the best of both worlds - National Post
When I first began dating a birder, I noticed a trend. Many, it turned out, only dated and married each other. After a while, this case of sexual selection began to make sense to me, as most birders require travel companions with an incredible amount.

Giant, fruit-eating monitor lizard discovered in the Philippines - Discover Magazine (blog)
Even before the animal had been discovered, the field team had suspected that a fruit- eating monitor lizard was prowling the forests, based on scratch marks all over the local fruiting Pandanus trees. The final bit of evidence came when Welton opened.

The Prime Minister and the Professor: Confidence Man
When the object of his fury “came up with his tail between his ... he could free a trapped bird, and making discreet gifts to those who had gotten into difficulties. He was fond of children, and his insistence on a vegetarian diet stemmed from an.

How to Hunt Big Bluebill Flocks on Open Water
This bird’s haunts include some of the most inhospitable and dangerous waters in North America. Here’s how to hunt them successfully. Two subspecies of scaup exist in the U.S., both predominantly black and white from bill to tail. They can be difficult.

Go firefly-watching at these 3 beautiful places in the Philippines - Rappler
In Siquijor, firefly watching can also be arranged with a private beach resort and in Coron, Palawan with Kingfisher Park, the headquarters of Parrot International's Blue Racquet Tail Parrot /"Kilit" Project. A similar tour is offered in Romblon in.

Birder, scuba diver — or both? This biodiverse destination offers the best of both worlds - Washington Post
blue-crowned hanging parrot ; Blyth's hawk-eagle; Bornean falconet; crested fireback; Bornean bristlehead; oriental pied and Asian black hornbills; thick-billed green, large green, rock and green imperial pigeons; greater racket - tailed , bronzed.

How mantis shrimps deliver armour-shattering punches without breaking their fists - Discover Magazine (blog)
For engineers looking to create the next generation of armour, the ocean is the place to look. Animals from snails to crabs protect themselves with hard shells whose microscopic structures imbue them with exceptional durability, surpassing even those.

Nature photographer contest winners show off their amazing images - Mother Nature Network
Parrot Snake on Ginger Flower, The Lodge at Pico Bonito, Honduras (Photo: Fi Rust). If you enjoy these photos, head over to ... Can you guess the animal by its tail ? Take the tail end of a hint and see if you know the answer! silhouette of two birds.

Getting high nature's way
A wading bird called the bar-tailed godwit flew nonstop for nine straight days and ... They consume a mostly liquid diet, nectar from flowers or your backyard feeder supplemented with insects snatched out of the air. The name hummingbird itself comes.

Top 10 Incredible Ancient Animals
It was found in the fossil-rich Hukawng Valley of Myanmar, the location of 99-million-year-old Burmese amber where previously, an ancient baby bird, a dinosaur tail with feathers ... diegosuarezi altered its diet, becoming a herbivore, as evidenced.

Parrotfish sleep in a mosquito net made of mucus - Discover Magazine (blog)
It's time for bed, and what better way to ensure a comfortable sleep than snuggling into a cocoon of your own mucus? Humans could probably think of some alternatives, but for many coral reef fish, mucus sleeping bags are all part of a good night's rest.

The bird that cries hawk: fork-tailed drongos rob meerkats with false alarms - Discover Magazine (blog)
Their targets think so too; when Flower recorded the drongo calls and played them back to the meerkats and babblers, he found that they were just as likely to abandon their food in response to the true and false alarms (but not to random drongo calls.