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This video showed a Nazi-saluting dog. Was posting it on YouTube a hate crime?
Mark Meechan stared at the camera and described the training he had recently ... it means “hail victory”), and the dog extends its right paw, mimicking the Nazi salute. The dog is also seen watching a Hitler rally during the 1936 Olympic Games in.

Dog show welcomes spectators this weekend
Visitors can learn about responsible dog ownership and speak with breeders, owners and exhibitors. On Saturday, watch Obedience and Rally competitions. Find out how to get involved or get training tips for a well-behaved dog at home. Watch the judging of.

Jewish leader tells 'Nazi dog' trial that training pooch to give sieg heil salute is 'grossly offensive'
In the video the dog is seen perking up when it hears the statements and appears to lift its paw to the 'Sieg Heil' command in the video which has now been viewed over three million times. It is also filmed watching a rally led by Hitler at the 1936.

Shawnee Mountain hosts first Pocono Puppy Palooza
“One of our guests suggested that we try to work with a facility large enough to host a fun weekend event, and that he would help,” said Kirschner, whose dog training and social ... treibball, rally-obedience and nose work. “One of my goals for.

Rally class graduation at W-B Dog Training Club
Two dogs completed and graduated from Rally Class recently at the Wilkes-Barre Dog Training Club, R. 320 Lee Park Ave., Hanover Twp. The dogs and their handlers were taught the skills needed to compete in a Rally Class competition and enter obedience shows.

Hunterdon County 4-H PAWS holds donation drive
The Hunterdon County PAWS 4-H club is a dog training club in Hunterdon County for youth in grades 4th through first year of college. The PAWS club meets weekly to train in Obedience, Rally and Agility. For more information please contact the Hunterdon.

Firefighter Resigns After Saying He’d Save a Dog Before a Black Person
12 for a post in which he said if given the choice between saving a dog or a Black man from a burning building ... vehicular murder of Heather Heyer took place at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12. Roysdon’s racist sentiments.

Dog Sports and Activities for Senior Dogs
Be aware, there is some jumping once your dog reaches the level of Rally Advanced, so this may be a concern depending on your dog’s physical health. 5. Trick Training Old dogs can learn new tricks, and if you use positive training methods, they will love.

Dog show at PV Event Center this weekend
In its third year in Prescott Valley, the show has grown to include several single-breed specialties, three all-breed conformation shows, four days of Rally ... Everything dog-related, from artwork to beds to apparel to grooming and training supplies.