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Performance Dog Foods Give Retrievers Energy for Waterfowling
Nutritional priming your retriever with a high-protein/high-fat performance food helps provide the right nutrients needed for optimal strength, speed and endurance. "You can improve a dog's athleticism during hard work by feeding a performance food because.

American farmers secretly feed cows defective Skittles because they are cheaper than corn, truck crash reveals - The Independent
THOUSANDS of red Skittles that spilled onto Dodge County highway were intended to be fed to cows

50 Ways to Live a Longer, Healthier Life - AARP News
Vitamin D, a bright byproduct of sunlight, has many health benefits, including a link to longevity. But too much vitamin D increases your risk of dying as much as too little, according to a 2015 Danish study. So you want to get the right amount. Don't.

Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine an all-natural option for your dog produced in Kentucky - The Courier-Journal
If kibble was made for dogs , then why would a vet not recommend it for hers? The simple question started Haas on a 10-year journey, in which she launched an all-natural dog food line and earned national attention for her work with the Louisville Zoo.

Wildwood's bigger better dog beach: Two paws up -
The city's famous three-year- old dog beach - that last year ranked second in a national poll of favorite canine-friendly U.S. beaches - will be expanded and moved slightly south on the oceanfront when it re-opens sometime in June. Wildwood - with its.

The no-hassle, just-right meal for a midweek Jewish New Year celebration (or any busy family)
The gracious invitation to a communal gathering might run up against homework, dog walks and work deadlines, so the family cook who ... Pass the remaining dressing at the table. β€’ Nutrition information per serving (based on 6, using half the dressing.

Pooch pals: 6 who rescue lost, neglected dogs - Monroe News Star
This month, in recognition of the American Red Cross' National Pet First Aid Month, we're highlighting the work of local dog saints. COMMUNITY: Local lady has found thousands of four-leaf .... CG: I have Bastion, my great dane, and Right , the rescued.

The Real-Life Diet of Kevin Love - GQ Magazine
Having to recover from that and not having the proper nutrition , while being 10-15 pounds overweight; that was something that was really all by trial and error. So it was about figuring out what worked and what made my body feel good. It wasn't until I.

Lunchable isn't a bento: Here's how to really do it right
A bento refers to a meal on the go: any work, school or picnic ... as opposed to Red 40. Bento is about working creatively with ingredients we already have and use, bringing aspects of art and nutrition into a working, edible expression.

Labor's Ekka Roundtable works on solutions for red meat supply chain competitiveness - Beef Central
SENIOR Labor Party parliamentarians sat down with red meat supply chain industry heavyweights during Brisbane's Ekka last week, in the first stage of Labor's plan to map-out a strategic direction to support the red meat industry, in the face of.

Dog, cat or fish? Finding the right pet for your child -
If you're a parent or guardian, chances are that your children have asked, more than once, β€œcan we get a pet?” But won't the adults end up doing all the work ? And if you do decide to get a pet, which one is best for your family? The most important.