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Health Tip: Recognize Symptoms of Latex Allergy
The American Dental Association identifies these possible symptoms of a latex allergy: Skin reactions, such as itching, redness, rash or hives. Itchy nose, throat or eyes. Runny nose, sneezing, coughing or wheezing.

10 Surprising Things About Allergies - AARP News
Raymond Slavin, professor emeritus of internal medicine at St. Louis University and an expert on allergies in older adults, recalls one 60-year-old patient who developed an allergy when he started changing the cat litter box. Something ... Frequently.

This Woman Thought She Had a Runny Nose—It Turned out Fluid Was Leaking from Her Brain
and brain fluid was leaking from her nose. The patient was fortunate that her physician picked up on the symptoms, says Govindaraj, who took on Jia’s case after the leak was confirmed. In cases of runny noses caused by colds or allergies, mucus is.

How your food recycling bin could give you a black eye – and even kill your dog -
quot;Looking back to when the runny nose , sore throat and itchy eyes appeared, it could well be down to my pretty vintage recycling caddy on the kitchen windowsill," writes Janet. "Personally, I'm not partial to eating mouldy food but I did breathe in the.

My Nose Is Stuffy All the Time. What Can I Do? - U.S. News & World Report
The symptoms of allergic rhinitis include bouts of sneezing, a runny nose and postnasal drip. ... Usually, the perennial form of allergic rhinitis is caused by the body's reaction to indoor allergens such as dust mites, cockroaches, mold or cat /dog dander.

A nose job for your cat? Looks purrfect
When Ms Zhang Meiqiao took her cat to the vet to try to relieve its runny eyes, she was asked to consider a nose job for her kitty instead ... opting for plastic surgery for their pets - for both health and cosmetic reasons. The trend first made headlines.

UF Health officials hope to build 'wall' against 'dog flu' - Gainesville Sun
Symptoms include sneezing, frequent coughing and a runny nose . Crawford said most dogs recover but the development of life-threatening pneumonia is possible in some dogs. However, Crawford said it is very uncommon for a dog to die from the virus. Cats &nbsp.

Duke Medicine: Why do I have a runny nose?
Namrata Shidhaye, MD, a family physician at Duke Primary Care Waverly Place, helps sort out the causes and cures for your annoying runny nose. The older I get ... Duke Medicine, Go Ask Mom's sponsor, offers health information and tips every Tuesday.

Should I be worried that the outbreak of cat flu in New York City could affect my pet? - Tufts Now
Fortunately, H7N2 is a low-pathogenic strain of bird flu and appears to cause fairly mild symptoms in most cats —primarily lethargy, a runny nose , congestion and coughing, similar to a typical head cold in humans. However, some cats have developed.

Are you allergic to your house? -
Have you had an itchy throat, watery eyes or one too many sneeze attacks lately? You're not alone. More than 25% of Canadian suffer from allergies, and some of the most overlooked groups of allergens are those lurking in your home. Allergy and&nbsp.

Undetermined disease kills kittens at shelter - Shelby Star
Cat adoptions at the Cleveland County Animal Shelter are on hold while health officials look into a possible disease being spread. Two kittens that recently were adopted have died of what is suspected to be distemper. The kittens have been taken to a.

LifeScience pushing Faber test system - The Manila Times
The LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness, an integrative facility committed to advancing and optimizing health , continues to promote the benefits of defining allergies through the Faber testing system. ... Some common symptoms include sneezing in.