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The Bistro cat feeder uses 'feline facial recognition' to micro-manage your pet's diet
From the outside, the $250 Bistro looks like a particularly stylish automatic feeder for stay-at-home-cats: there’s a cat food hopper and a ... owners can review their pet’s “diet history”, access a “health analysis report” and even take.

Even Our Ancestors Never Really Ate the “Paleo Diet”
Despite its name, the Paleo Diet is a new food trend, one which has become increasingly popular ... Even within a given region, reconstructions of diet have had to rely on tooth analysis or bones found nearby. A quartet of papers published today in.

Diet Shaped Dog Domestication
The analysis turned up 36 regions, with 122 genes in all, that may have contributed to dog evolution ... Waste dumps provided a ready source of food, albeit not meat, the usual diet. Thus early dogs that evolved more efficient starch digestion had an.

Do diet changes help ADHD children?
But then Fellows, a health writer in McKinney, Texas, put Dylan on the Feingold diet ... U.S., but the Food and Drug Administration declined to take regulatory action. Now, scientists are getting intriguing results from sophisticated analysis techniques.

Endangered Species of Big Cat Exhibits Regional Diet Specificity
This month an international team of scientists released a meta-analysis of ... the preferred diet of the snow leopard. The study identified the Siberian ibex and blue sheep as the snow leopard’s preferred prey. Other food sources include the argali.

Diet Guidelines Favoring Vegetable Fats Refuted
The AHA science advisory board did not just look at one study or a couple of studies. There are lots of studies that form the basis for their guidelines." "So, I don't think anybody should get alarmed and change their diet," Kris-Etherton said.

Raw food pet diet becomes trendy even as vets question safety
Tetsuo is a Bernese Mountain Dog and he’s doing the raw food diet. 'The risks at this point way ... by eating raw food because he says it’s not nutritionally balanced like science-based kibbles: "There are lots of good studies now showing that these.