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Raw Dog Food Safety: Avoid This Common Mistake
Keeping your dog safe from disease is a high priority for every dog owner, and the last thing you want is to poison your dog with bacteria that may be lurking in his raw diet ... food science consulting firm in 2008. She made the transition to the pet.

Pet Care
Premium-quality dry or canned cat food provides a healthy diet for your pet. Fresh ... appointment for your new dog or cat as soon as possible. Even if he is not technically due for anything, it is important for your vet to review his vaccination history.

Could your dog have a food allergy?
The dog is fed a diet of “novel ... Royal Canin to share the science of keeping your dog in tip-top condition. Royal Canin produces dog food that is tailored to the nutritional needs of individual breeds as well as a pet's size and age.

Effect of functional pet food ingredients
Cats have a diet consisting ... for dog and cat food formulations. This article is a summary of the original paper: Functional foods in pet nutrition: Focus on dogs and cats, published in the journal ‘Research in veterinary science (112, 2017)’.

10 Unexpected Ways You’re Hurting The Environment At Home
Dr. Rolf Halden, Ph.D, lead author of the study, said, “…we mass-produce and use a toxic chemical which the Food ... leave your dog’s poop lying around, but what you shouldn’t do, is pick it up using plastic bags, which is what many pet owners.

Screw Cancer and the Sugar It Rode In On
But I got through it better than most and a PET ... food into energy.) The million dollar question is what’s causing the damage to our mitochondria? Pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fats, preservatives, antibiotics, chronic stress to name a few diet.

The Immune System of Dogs
With 30 years in the pet supply industry, Bob's newspaper column deals with animal health, nutrition, behavior, regulation, and advocacy. In pet supply stores, we see a huge assortment of dog ... food allergy, good luck with that one. The elimination diet.

The Best Grain Free Dog Foods: 2K Reviews
We quickly realized she was having issues with her recommended food ... My dog is a 45lb White German Shepherd/ Yellow Labrador mix. When I got her the shelter was feeding Science Diet and I immediately switched her to Blue Buffalo Puppy formula in.

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“We love baking together,” says 20-year-old Christine, a second-year science student ... but often, diet-wise, pets get left behind,” Glynn has said. “Pet owners are left choosing their dog food in an aisle cluttered with washing powder and.