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FDA OKs new peanut allergy food labels - CNN
Products are already labeled with allergy-causing ingredients , including peanuts. The new labeling will advise parents to check with a child's doctor before introducing peanut-containing foods . This does not change the warning against whole peanuts, as.

The Truth About Cat and Dog Food - New York Times
There are products for young and old pets and those with sensitive skin , sensitive stomachs and sensitive skin and stomachs, as well as foods enriched with supplements like antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin, the value of.

How Much Protein Do You Really Need? - WebMD (blog)
Beef, poultry, and pork (as well as milk, cheese, and eggs) definitely provide high- quality protein, but so do many plant foods — including whole grains, beans and other legumes, nuts, and vegetables. Increasingly, researchers are finding evidence.

9 Common Summer Skin Problems—Solved! - Reader's Digest
You might have heard to use aloe vera on sunburn, but watch out for gels containing alcohol, which could irritate the sensitive skin . ... To reduce irritation, use a fresh razor blade and a good shaving cream instead of regular bar soap, says Dr.

Low thiamine suspected in cat illnesses linked to BFF food - VIN News Service
Weruva International Inc. of Natick, Massachusetts, recalled its Best Feline Friends (BFF) brand of canned cat food in Australia in early May but reports of illnesses are ongoing. Weruva states on its website that the problem affects only an Australian.

Do Prescription Cat Food Diets Really Work? - Catster
These diets are produced to address issues such as obesity, pregnancy, diabetes, urinary problems, skin problems, kidney disease, thyroid disease, intestinal problems, and pregnancy. ... Current feline prescription diets designed to treat diabetes.

Cat Poop — When to Worry (or Not!) for Cats of All Ages - Catster
The main source of protein for the diet was chicken, so with the encouragement of my vet, I gradually transitioned him (and his feline companion, Phillip) to a food with beef and salmon protein sources. ... “Hairball ointment, when given two or three.

Make Your Diet More Mediterranean - WebMD (blog)
Even if you live in Buffalo or Peoria—not Barcelona or Rome—you can enjoy the delicious foods of the Mediterranean and help boost your health. You've likely heard ... A good rule is to swap out beef or other red meat for fish or seafood at least.

Veterinarians doubt validity of ImmuneIQ allergy test - VIN News Service
In return, she received a list of foods and environmental allergens to which the dog was said to be sensitive . Full of hope ... It describes VetDVM as “a fast growing, agile company specializing in the dog and cat health business. Founded by.

Should You Try Tom Brady's Fitness Plan? A WebMD Doctor Weighs In - WebMD (blog)
Also a good suggestion – and one that's recommended by other performance coaches. Foam rolling can be a ... Proponents of this diet , including Brady, believe that foods that are acidic increase inflammation and alkaline foods decrease it. But what you.