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Top 4 Secrets of Champion Show Dogs - Parade Magazine
prevent lipstick smears and duct-tape their bathing suits to keep the bottoms in place, but dogs — and their handlers — have their own tricks. 1. Hit the track. “Show dogs are like athletes. We work on their condition all year long,” says handler.

Donald Trump says he's ready to testify, denies ex-FBI chief's claims - Boston Herald
President Trump finally fought back against James B. Comey's bombshell allegations, denying that he demanded loyalty from the ousted FBI director or urged him to drop the Russia investigation — and vowed to testify under oath, if necessary. “One.

Slightly More Than 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism - The Atlantic
THE NEW REPUBLIC / The Feminists of Zion by Allison Kaplan Sommer and Dahlia Lithwick. "This led to a strange democratic experiment in which radical secularism co-existed side by side with extreme Orthodoxy. Posters of women in bikinis dot the&nbsp.

Bingo wins hearts but not dog show - The Daily Advertiser
Bingo's handler , Scott Sommer of Houston, showed 11 other dogs during the competition and was ready for the final competition. Sommer has won the prestigious Westminster Dog Show two times, 2001 and 2009, with another Bichon Frise and a Sussex&nbsp.

1 year out: What's happened since the Fairbanks Four were released Dec. 17, 2015 - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
The Fairbanks Four – Marvin Roberts, left to right, Kevin Pease, Eugene Vent, and George Frese – hold up four fingers, symbolizing the Fairbanks Four, in the David Salmon Tribal Hall after they were freed on Thursday, December 17, 2015. A Superior.

2012 things to remember the London Olympics by - Part 1, 1 to 1108
Drama, passion, joy, tears, hope... the Olympics have brought us so much, it's hard to accept that they're over. This 2,012-point compendium of memories, moments, facts, figures, trivia and triumphs may help you hold on to some of the excitement of a 17.

'I evaded EURO 18.5 million in tax by stuffing it into my Swiss bank account' admits German hero Uli Hoeness – six times more than he was charged with
Alice Schwarzer, a leading feminist, Chancellor Angela Merkel's party treasurer Helmut Linssen, Berlin's culture minister Andre Schmitz and former top journalist Theo Sommer have been in the public spotlight for tax evasion issues. The German taxpayers.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show winners through the years - Newsday
Stump, the Sussex spaniel, and handlers Cecilia Ruggles,. (Credit: The Westminster Kennel Club). Stump, the Sussex spaniel, and handlers Cecilia Ruggles, Beth Dowd and Scott Sommer won the Westminster Kennel Club's 2009 Best in Show award.

When wildlife goes wild - Montana edition - The Missoulian
Here in Montana, we tend to see our fair share of wildlife, even those of us who live in the "cities." From a woman who fended off a bear with a zucchini to "attack otters," here are some stories of wildlife acting like, well, wildlife. 1 of 26. Stock.

Owners of Older Dogs Revel in Westminster Winner - New York Times
Stump takes Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club dog show - the first Sussex Spaniel to win New York Daily News.

Chinese shar-pei throws a wrinkle into Westminster dog show -
Westminster Kennel Club dog show a draw for many rookies – including Lance Armstrong

Sharon Stone and Her Three Sons Speak Out in Emotional Appearance: 'I'm Grateful My Kids Chose Me' -
Mother's Day came early for Sharon Stone! The actress' three sons — Quinn Kelly, 10, Laird Vonne, 12, and Roan Joseph, 16 — presented her with the Mother of the Year Award on Wednesday at the Associates For Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies&nbsp.

Warm Memories for Past Champions of Westminster
Both lived with their bedmate, Scott Sommer, a veteran handler who is showing seven dogs at this year’s Westminster show, which begins Monday. “It wasn’t one of my best weeks,” he said by telephone. Showing and training champion dogs is a nearly.