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Chef du jour: Anthony Sindaco carries the torch for memorable mentors
I loved being around my grandma's kitchen, loved how food made ... the minute I left Sunfish, I was planning my next one. Sea was that restaurant," says Sindaco, who enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Deborah Brewer, and his dog, Ringo.

Fathers Care More for Daughters Compared to Sons: Study - PerfScience
Fathers' Brains Respond Differently to Daughters Than Sons - American Psychological Association American Psychological Association.

Inconceivable numbers of humpback whales seen off Cape Town; video - GrindTV (blog)
Kieran Donnelly, a professional drone pilot and photographer for Sky Reel, captured amazing video of more than 60 humpback whales about a mile off Sea Point in Cape Town, Times Live and Cape Talk reported. "And for my 200th post, I present to you&nbsp.

These Beautiful Photos Will Make You Appreciate Jellyfish - One Green Planet
The are the main food source of the loved sea turtle. Ocean Sunfish and some birds are also known to snack on these bizarre creatures. Unfortunately, our plastic grocery bags, among other types of human-created garbage, tend to take on a jellyfish-like.

Local Craft Beer of the Week: Fireberry Tea Ale, Sea Dog Brewing Co.
Clearwater's Sea Dog Brewing Co. doesn't get enough credit. Most craft beer drinkers familiar with the near-ubiquitous Sea Dog and Shipyard brands, which have been brewed in Maine since the early '90s, erroneously conclude that the Clearwater location is.

Medical Marijuana Companies Sue New York Regarding Issuing of New Licenses - PerfScience
Four medical marijuana companies have sued New York regarding the issue of new licenses. As the state wanted to grant licenses to five more companies for selling marijuana products in New York, four already licensed companies have joined hands to&nbsp.

Jelly Belly: Elusive Deep Sea Octopus Takes Its Gelatinous Meals To Go - Discover Magazine (blog)
Notable diners include sea turtles, ocean sunfish , and somewhat distant cousins of the octopus, nudibranchs, which will consume jellies and other cnidarians while somehow keeping their stinging cells in tact so they can be repurposed for the nudibranch.

Massive chunk of Antarctica ice may break away later this winter: researchers warn - PerfScience
Project MIDAS | Larsen C Ice Shelf poised to calve Project MIDAS.

Sea Isle City Food Truck Festival returns in September
10. Vendors include Kix Lincoln Grill Yum Yum Wagon, Baby Blues BBQ Mustache Pretzels, Waffle De Lys and more. β€œThe Sea Isle City Food Truck Festival has become a tradition in Sea Isle City,” festival organizer Denis Brown said in a statement.

Carbs, not fats, are bad for your health: Research - PerfScience
Associations of fats and carbohydrate intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality in 18 countries from five ... The Lancet.

Five Sea Creatures to Really Freak Out the Boston Fish Bros - Discover Magazine (blog)
The two have just come across a sunfish and Bergin is losing his mind. To be fair, the sunfish (Mola mola) is a pretty weird fish. It's huge and ungainly, like a big, lumpy face with fins. It likes to turn sideways and flop around near the surface to.

NASA Shares Amazing Image of Saturn's Moon Pan Captured by Cassini - PerfScience
Cassini: The Grand Finale: Cassini Reveals Strange Shape of Saturn's Moon Pan Cassini - NASA.