Sharp Nose Dog Training


Pound puppy turned police 'porn dog'
Utah (CNN)He struts between desks at the Weber County Sheriff's office, greeted like a celebrity by colleagues who call out, "Hey, it's the porn dog!" That's right: porn dog, aka smut mutt. He's the department's newest crime-fighting tool with a nose that.

OCD dog with a nose for poo helps koalas
A DOG with ... intensive training, Maya is what Mr Jackson calls the future of koala conservation efforts. She started her career at Logan on Tuesday, where she's going about the business of sniffing out koala poo with gusto. Her sharp nose can root.

These Amazing Dogs Can Smell Cancer
Dogs can use their noses to sniff out bombs and drugs, lead manhunts for murderers, and rescue people from disasters. And, now, they can even diagnose diseases. Researchers at University of Pennsylvania's Working Dog Center are training a team of.

Mercer County's police dogs get new training center
EWING -- With his tail whipping and nose ... county's new K-9 training facility designed to keep its four-legged officers sharp. Up until now, the county and local departments with K-9 units have had to travel elsewhere in the state to train their dogs.

Top Dogs
Despite the howls of protest from Rocky's kennel, the low-key hunt I had in mind promised an ideal opportunity to advance Kenai's training ... Because of a sharp bend in the creek, the direct route to the bird required the dog to cross the moving water.

Protection dog shows why he's the most fearless & loyal partner
With his keen nose and sharp senses, along with his incredible speed and fearsome teeth, there are few things that Cadet cannot do. Dogs such as Cadet go through months of extensive training and behavior classes. To be successful, Cadet must demonstrate.

Kelly Bostian: Training gives top retrievers focus for success in the field
If I didn’t actually feel that laser-sharp stare focused past my right ... As soon as Roberts put that dog on a line, it was like nothing existed between the end of his nose and that distant spot in the field where he expected to see a bird.

Furry guardians help keep local airport safe An explosives-detecting dog’s keen nose makes him a flier’s best friend
with their sharp olfactory systems, can smell every ingredient, he said. “They smell the carrots, the onions, the peas and the meat,” Jones said. “They are trained to do that same thing with explosive devices.” Dogs undergo a 12-week training.

Dog's Nose Knows Source Of Fire
You'll also get some pretty strange looks with your nose stuck in the asphalt ... "Going on field trips or vacations is out of the question." TRAINING REQUIRES VARIETY Variety is key to keeping the dog sharp and ready for real-life fire situations.

Nebraska monitors cougars with super-sniffing dog
DeMatteo, 48, found Train at PackLeader Dog Training in Gig Harbor ... But the dog with the extraordinary nose exhibited laser-sharp focus in detecting the scat of specific wildlife species in the field. Dogs' sense of smell is 1,000 times keener than.