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Sit, stay, good boy: Should kids be trained like dogs?
While I won’t deny that there are certain parallels between small children, especially my daughter who loves Milk Bones, and dogs, something about the concept of applying pet/master dynamics to raising children just doesn’t sit right with me.

Have dog, will travel — without the crate
Dogs are pack animals, so it is natural for them to play in a group. Laker knows how to do it and will join in when he feels like it. All you have to do is give Laker his basic training — sit, stay, come — then make him behave himself around the other.

Sit? Stay? Really? Surprising lessons from Kitten Kindergarten - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Or at least members of pet society who do not attack their owners' toes in the middle of the night. You can lead ... The San Diego Humane Society's three-week Kitten Kindergarten training classes are designed to expose kittens to new environments, get.

Ask the Doctors: Service dogs can be trained to assist with a variety of tasks
Dear Doctor: I’ve seen a lot of dogs recently in grocery stores and restaurants wearing those yellow service dog vests, but some of them can’t obey even simple commands like “sit’’ and “stay ... their rigorous training and specialized.

In Central Park, Teaching Dogs to Sit (in Yiddish) - New York Times
Einstein, a Lhasa apso, learned to “ stay ” (“shtai”) in a Central Park dog training class that teaches commands in Yiddish. Credit Damon ... Some came to reconnect with their roots while tricking their children into learning a new language. “My dog may.

Cape Coral going to dogs with annual obedience training program - The News-Press
Club President Terri Bell says that along with reinforcing principles from previous sessions, each will cover a progression of behavioral skills, including improving the pet's socialization and responses to commands like heel, sit , down, come, stay.

PAWS: How to care for an aging dog
Protect him from dangers that he may not hear. Dogs can learn and adapt to hand signals for basic commands such as come, sit, stay and down. Start training him early before he loses his hearing. One normal symptom of aging is a transparent bluish haze in.

Sit, stay …no time for play
MARSHALL – More than 20 people of all ages were in attendance at the first dog training ... “They have to sit before they learn to stay,” Davis said. “Agility is huge that way, so you really have to practice. Work your training into your daily.

Therapy dogs - Fenton Tri County Times
The training session ran by Mid Michigan Therapy Dogs welcomed 21 new teams to a 13-week therapy dog course . ... The dogs have to know basic commands like sit and stay , and they learn not to be afraid around wheelchairs, crutches and walkers. Owners&nbsp.

ALL ABOUT DOGS: Wait until 6 months for real training - Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Answer: Basic obedience in my book is “come,” “ sit ,” “down,” “ stay ” and “heel.” I also like to teach hand signals for those things, ... What your puppy can learn now are some basic rules and boundaries like not jumping on you or mouthing you. That said.

Shawnee Mountain hosts first Pocono Puppy Palooza - Pocono Record
Lisa Kirschner, owner of Sit , Stay , 'N Play in Stroudsburg, serves as coordinator of the inaugural two-day festival. ... “One of our guests suggested that we try to work with a facility large enough to host a fun weekend event, and that he would help.

Dogs Have Feelings—Here's How We Know - National Geographic
Do our pets love us—or just the treats we give them? To find out, Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at Emory University, trained dogs to go inside an MRI scanner. He managed to map their brains as they responded to different stimuli and describes the&nbsp.

Sit! Stay! Heal! JM students see service dog they helped train
Two years ago, as sophomores, a group of 120 American Studies students raised and donated the money to the Warrior Canine Connection, an organization that provides training for the dogs. "They need to learn how to operate in all of these different.