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The best dog collars you can buy
Some dogs have a knack for slipping out of their collars, and it can be very dangerous if it happens on a walk. A Martingale collar, also known as a limited slip ... Training Collar provides gentle correction for large and stubborn breeds who need a little.

Retriever Obedience & Steadiness Drills
If I'm training a young dog and I'm lying in my yard [as if in a layout blind with the dog on his left], I'll put the lead under my back and then pull it under me with my right hand until he lies down again," he says. "Once he's down, I'll slip him.

What Your Dog's Bad Behavior Says About You
While Truffle is a wildling, our extra large puppy Cassius is one of nearly a thousand dogs Ohlmann has trained.) In order to fix a problem at the lower end of the leash you have to look ... If you just can’t help but slip them a little something.

How to Help Your Adopted Puppy Mill Dog Adapt to Their New Life
Use positive reinforcement training methods ... Because collars are easy for dogs to slip out of, use a well-fitting harness on walks to keep them safe. For an extra measure of safety, place the loop at the end of the leash around your wrist to prevent.

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Football’s regular season starts a few weeks before basketball training camps begin ... and only a few days after Donald Trump hijacked the debate with a stupid dog-whistle that turned a serious issue for some of America’s most vulnerable communities.

Top 10 Best Dog Leashes
Some leashes come with features that will actually help you walk your dog. If the arrival of warmer weather has you looking for a new leash, start here with our top ten best dog leashes ... is great for backyard training, giving your dog enough rope.

Omaha dog Pixel, a furry blur on the agility course, has a shot at global glory
This hardly looks like an Olympic training center ... Now, she has four dogs of her own, plus two cats. She works at Conagra and moonlights as an agility instructor at Go Dogs in Omaha, where she helps train dogs, including her own, each of which have.

3 Halloween pet hazards that can lead to scary vet bills
Leash ... Dog-bite liability is often capped at lower limits, and policy details may exclude certain breeds or pets that have previously bitten someone. But some insurers also offer discounts or friendlier terms for pets that have been through training.

Dogs of war: sniffer dogs lead the way in Afghanistan
Inside the compound Pte Cook let slip Henry from his harness and ... that the infantrymen had had to work with an AES dog. Lt Col Andrew Cullen, the deputy commandant of the Norfolk Operational Training Advisory Group which runs pre-deployment exercises.