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One September evening
Kayaking is a perfect way to slip quietly into the world of water ... One pair hangs from a blade of grass while mating. They appear even more delicate than dragonflies. When they land they fold their wings back over their slender bodies instead of.

Dance of the flamingos: The flirty birds have 136 moves to lure a mate - but it all goes downhill past the age of 20 - Daily Mail
Flamingos have a staggering 136 moves that they display in order to attract a mate, according to new research. The more complicated the display, the more likely the exotic birds are to find a partner to breed with, says the study. While flamingos are.

Kanni and Kombai dog breeds to be reared at dog breeding unit at Saidapet - Times of India
quot;Till 1990 the unit was breeding Kanni, Kombai, Sippiparai and Rajapalayam dog breeds , all of which are native to Tamil Nadu, besides a few pedigree breeds ," said an official at the animal husbandry department. "However, as the department was unable to&nbsp.

Weekly genetics review: Artificial breeding gathering momentum - Beef Central
The humorous old adage, 'No one has ever been gored by an inseminator' highlights the differences between natural and artificial mating . Angus leads the way in artificial breeding in the Australian seedstock industry, with around 55 percent of its 75.

Wildflowers Are Blooming and Seagulls Are Mating on Anacapa Island - KCET
Some of them sound like cows mooing, and others like dogs barking. Because they ... The wildflowers on the island make for a romantic setting for the launch of the mating season, with the main botanical attraction this time of year being the coreopsis.

Leopards and pumas are BREEDING in the British countryside, expert says, as newly released data shows more than ... - Daily Mail
Leopards and pumas are breeding in rural Britain, an expert has claimed, as new data shows more than one big cat sighting is being reported to police every week. Forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland logged 455 sightings of big cats from&nbsp.

Let’s Talk About Professional and Responsible Dog Breeding
Breeders must have a working knowledge of genetics since dog breeding is essentially genetic restriction to a unifying standard. Professional breeders practice: Inbreeding, the mating of rather close relatives Linebreeding, when there’s at least one dog.

Wide Open City/Part 1: The New Breed
Three play decoy for the hotel’s private guard while two slip upstairs in the service elevator ... These are working girls of a violent new breed. They work on their backs as little as possible. More often they work in cars, with partners, and in.

Va. insurance companies blacklist certain dog breeds - WHSV
It's not that landlords necessarily despise certain dog breeds . According to Beth Heck of Towe Insurance Services in Charlottesville, in most cases it all comes down to liability. "From a liability stand point, the dog bite claim is most frequent; more.

These dogs could teach us all a thing or two about friendship - The Independent
Though we can't know Tai's thought process, it does seem that dogs have an uncanny ability to empathize across species lines, Holland says. In fact, dogs are the original cross-species communicators, having befriended us humans some 30,000 years ago.

The Secret Lives of Indian Street Dogs
Another study of hers showed that dogs defend territories as groups and often tend to forage alone, but when juveniles are present in the population, larger foraging units are seen, and, in the mating season, male-female pairs often forage together.

Understanding why and how to measure scrotal size - Beef Central
THE most important factor influencing the profitability of beef operations in Australia is the number of calves weaned in comparison to the number of cows mated during the breeding season. The bull influences the overall herd fertility more than any of.

Things that go hump in the dark... Wild elephants caught mating and playing with ducks in infrared footage - Daily Mail
Infrared cameras set up in the rural area of Xishuangbanna, south China, show what the mammals get up to when the light goes down. The sped up footage shows them doing a range of activities from chasing ducks in a pond to mating back on land.