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Adorable blind Golden Retriever puppy is training for a lifetime of service
Adorable blind Golden Retriever puppy is training for a lifetime of service A breeder with a puppy that was born blind plans to raise it to be a therapy dog. Check out this story on

Mother-of-one tells of her horror after her little chihuahua puppy is mauled to death by Staffordshire Bull Terrier ... - Daily Mail
A six-month-old Chihuahua puppy was mauled to death in front of a horrified mother and her nine-year-old boy. Sophie Tancos, 32, was left screaming for help when a Staffordshire Bull Terrier attacked her dog Rio, while on a walk in Crystal Palace Park,&nbsp.

The parkour pooch! Watch Storm the Staffordshire bull terrier run up TWELVE FOOT walls and trees - Daily Mail
Manning, 18, and his wife Demi Manning, 22, bought Storm when she was just seven weeks old and first realised she had an unusual talent when, as a pup , she would run all the way up Manning's leg. Driver and soon-to-be dad-of-one Manning decided to.

Frida the search dog gets her star moment
Salinas said the dogs are selected for service at 2 months old. They receive training that determines whether they will go into detection of narcotics, explosives or people. For detection of people, the training starts by throwing toys such as balls.

Hoody-wearing thug who hung a Staffordshire bull terrier by the lead and swung it against the wall of a train is ... - Daily Mail
The unknown man hung the dog by its lead and then swung it against the wall of the train carriage, before he put it on the seat and pushed his foot against its face. The incident is believed to have happened at about 10.30pm on October 10 and officers.

Police seized woman's Staffordshire bull terrier in a park after spotting her out walking it because it LOOKED like ... - Daily Mail
Rebecca Hughes, 30, of Chester-le-Street, in County Durham, was walking her blue Staffordshire bull terrier Chesney in Herrington Country Park, Sunderland on November 12. But her dog's life changed when a passing police officer suspected that Chesney&nbsp.

MMA's week out of the cage: Remembering 'Kimbo,' Holloway's homecoming and more -
and gain followings. Although the life of a fighter often can be mundane and repetitive, there still are moments of interest that take place outside the cage, ring or training room. Here are some of the most interesting of those occurrences from.

Chihuahua killed by unrestrained dog at Christchurch beach -
A dog was killed during a scuffle with another dog at a Christchurch beach, prompting an investigation by Christchurch City Council Animal Management. The 1-year-old chihuahua, named "Peanut", was allegedly attacked by a "young black female staffy " dog &nbsp.

WATCH: Puppy gives cheesy grin on command - KTVU San Francisco
PAWS Chicago - Don't you hate when people catch you trying... | Facebook Facebook.

On Losing a Dog - National Geographic
Their tears quickly turned into smiles . That was 13 years ago and they still have their dog. ..... My wife and I started him with puppy training that soon led to more obedience classes and therapy dog training . Several of the other dog people talked.

Dog Whisperer star Cesar Millan sued by Florida nurse who was savagely attacked by pit bull that left his training ... - Daily Mail
A Florida nurse is suing Cesar Millan after she was viciously attacked by a pit bull that had left the Dog Whisperer's training center just six days before. Alison Bitney was visiting a friend in California in September 2014 when the dog named Gus.

Gruesome footage shows Staffies tearing apart rats before their owners crush the rodents' heads and pose over them ... - Daily Mail
A homemade video which appears to show rats being torn apart by dogs and then stamped on by their owners in an organised hunt has been condemned by the RSPCA. The footage, posted on YouTube yesterday, shows dogs ripping apart rats in a deserted&nbsp.

This smiling dog is for sure going to brighten your day
If your week needs a little pick-me-up, we have just the thing. This absolutely adorable dog. A tweet from user @AbiTuttle is making the rounds online that features a little pup slowly smiling for the camera.

Saltwater therapy! Kuta the rescued staffy spends every morning swimming with DOLPHINS - and hates leaving her ... - Daily Mail
Meet Kuta the staffy who spends her days swimming in crystal blue waters with dolphins by her side off the coast of Western Australia. The two-year-old rescue dog loves the ocean so much she would happily stay there with her marine friends. Her owner.