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Can you help these long-term lonely canines looking for love?
Rosie loves travelling in the car so if you are ... to take to obedience or dog sports. A friendly girl who loves to spend lots of time in your company. She likes to explore and investigate, lots of walks where she can sniff out new things would be fun.

Interactive: Which dog breeds are best for you?
The long coat needs regular grooming ... The dog has enough energy to play with the kids, but not so much that it requires loads of exercise. The basset enjoys a slow-paced daily walk with plenty of opportunities for sniffing. Because the basset hound.

N.J.'s top dog: State's most popular breed is familiar furry favorite
Labs don't require all that much grooming ... and sniffing out bombs, and often function as guide dogs for the blind. As such, their energies are best put to use. Matthews decided to become a Labrador owner in 1994, wanting a more active dog -- one.

The Perfect Day For Your Dog In Minnesota
Everything Is Negotiable': A Travel Expert's Tips For Booking Your Next TripIf you're planning your next trip, there are important tips to keep in mind whether traveling by car, air ... offering dog grooming and animal chiropractic services out of the.

From dog grooming salon in Cardiff to a warzone in Iraq
These environments were a world away from the kennels his parents ran and the pet shop and dog grooming salon he grew up above on ... like the M4 into Heathrow". "We parked the cars up in line and used the dogs to search for explosives.

31 Problems Only Dog Owners Understand
You have to put on so many layers just to go around the block, and he'll be sure to stop and sniff every single tree, fire hydrant, and trash can as you shiver. 2. The cost of walks, grooming ... And the car. And everything you own. You didn't think.

Excessive grooming and licking: All too common in dogs and cats
Most are quite normal — but one that we experience in our house and that my clients note most frequently and is cause for concern, is excessive grooming and ... bike ride with your dog. There is tons of stuff for them to sniff, hear, see and feel.

Meet Sonny: Redlands police’s new K-9 officer with a nose for sniffing out narcotics
Sonny, a 21/2-year-old Springer spaniel, has a nose for sniffing out narcotics hiding ... and help with the care of each dog, from medical necessities to grooming and food. Donations also help outfit patrol cars to house K-9s when on duty.

After oil layoff, Casper man tries his hand at dog grooming
“This is Lucy and that’s Baile,” Shelly said, her dogs sniffing ... Gibson cradled the dog in his tattooed bicep, scratching behind her ears. He walked the doggy ramp to his trailer and opened the door, placing Baile on the grooming table.