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Alphabet Just Unloaded Its Crazy Robots on Japanese Telecom Softbank
While Boston Dynamics has been responsible for creating some of the most advanced robots ever developed, including the humanoid Atlas, and the four-legged Spot and Big-Dog, advanced technologies don’t come cheap. The reality is that Alphabet was still.

Home spa? No ta! Bizarre massage gadgets from Japan look like instruments of TORTURE
in the form of the Air Foot Pro leg massager. Resembling hospital rehabilitation machinery for broken bones this product claims to help you 'relax after a long day on your feet'. Depending on your needs there are three separate massage routines available.

Top 50 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas
Hand held scalp massagers are the ultimate ... For more luxurious spa themed stocking stuffers, click here to browse Beauty by Earth products. If you have a gardener on your list, a young gardener-in-training or even someone who wishes they had a green.

Make the most of your living room
Measuring just 90cm in length, 70cm in width and 85cm in height, this petite massage chair is a fraction the size of regular massage chairs. With its retractable leg massager ... programmes – Energize, Sleep, Spa, Lumbar and Neck & Shoulders.

Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific Islands
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Treat Yo Self: Athlete Edition
Spa treatments and salons are generally associated with the fairer sex. And for those men who suck it up and awkwardly peruse back issues of Cosmopolitan while waiting patiently for their massages and manicures, they don’t tend to brag about it on social.