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Kitten or alien? Unique beauty of furless Sphynx cats are captured in stunning images
hoping one day to turn her collection into a book, 'The Disturbing Beauty of the Sphynx Cat.' For the series, Alicia looks to photograph the animals using an abundance of natural light and only a few backdrops. Arguably the most important factor in.

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If you're an allergy sufferer who also happens to be a cat lover, you may be interested in low allergen cats. ... Your Sphynx will need frequent baths to remove the gummy buildup of oils on her skin, and her large ears will also require frequent cleanings.

5 Things I've Learned From Living with Sphynx Cats — AKA Naked Cats - Catster
Skinny Mini is a mischievous five-year-old calico tabby, and dainty three-year-old Fly has seal-tortie-sepia coloring. (Isn't that an Instagram filter?) I had done my research on cat breeds and was not going into Sphynx ownership unprepared — or so I.

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A library's worth of books —leather-bound copies of the classics, dense history texts, a self-help guide by the late Debbie Ford—are strewn throughout. The home's greatest extravagance might be a feline bachelor pad for Hernandez's cat , Hadji. Even at.

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I'm sure there's an audience for such gems as a double socket skull-fuck and gut fucking, but unless those gems are solidly written plot devices within an amazing story about characters I care about, they're not for me. And let me be clear… it's not.

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17th place: Peterbald or Petersburg Sphynx is a breed of fine cats, bred in Russia in 1994 as a result of experimental mating of a Oriental cat and the don Sphynx . The body of a Peterbald can be completely hairless or covered with soft fuzz. These.

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House cat Sebastian's human owner-family is an unhappy one. The dad drinks, the mom is having an affair with a neighbor. Every time the mom sneaks her paramour over, he brings his dog Sheba, who quickly becomes Sebastian's first and only friend.

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can draw a cat . Aside from a single art class in 4th grade, I have no formal training as an artist or designer. Even so, I've been drawing since childhood, and it's always been very important and relaxing to me. The recent trend toward adult coloring.

Feline conquers on world stage; Decatur sphynx cat holds top Cat Fancier Association honors
He is, in short, the most interesting cat in the world. Ink, one of several cats belonging to Kathleen Forth of Decatur, was recently named the top of his breed – sphynx – by the Cat Fanciers Association. To earn that spot, Ink had to beat out.

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And Skinny Mini being a Sphynx cat means that she's strictly an indoor kitty whose exposure to the great outdoors is limited to our balcony. She's very comfortable in daily routine, which involves napping, eating, creeping the neighbors through the.

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Some of the most profoundly heartbreaking moments of my cat -caretaking life revolve around being unable to tell how much pain my beloved friends were suffering. Even though I know cats are very good at disguising their pain, I can't help but guilt-trip.

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How many times have you wondered what your cat was thinking? Perhaps understanding your feline's mind starts with understanding the cat brain. (Or then again, maybe not.) Technically, the brain is the main organ that comprises the central nervous.

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Jake Perry is a cat man. Standing about 5-foot-7 and often clad in workman's clothes, the 85-year-old Austin, Texas, plumber is also a father and husband. But anyone who's met Perry will tell you—first and foremost, he's a cat man. Perry's cats broke.

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I once met a nearly hairless cat wandering the streets of a neighborhood in my home town. At first I thought he was a stray cat with mange because his skin was red, dry and cracked. I met his owner and found out he "just had a sunburn." Pale noses and.